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Speed And Strength Dual Sport Pants

Speed And Strength Adventure Pants

Speed and Strength adventure gear is here at BTO Sports. Speed and strength makes a great deal of dual sport gear that includes, helmets, pants, jackets and more! Speed and strength makes high quality adventure pants for riders of all skill levels and ages to keep them riding in style safety.

 Speed and Strength Adventure Gear

Speed and Strength Adventure Gear

Speed and Strength is comprised of a dedicated work force that is fueled by high-octane adrenaline, smokin’ tires, and the need for speed. They have developed a community that is passionate about 2-wheeled vehicles and challenges that status quo of adventure gear. Don’t be a kook and settle for the adventure gear that everyone else has because it looks cool and supposedly gives you “style”. Style isn’t doing, or wearing what everyone else is doing. Style is derived from taking traditional riding methods and giving your on flare to it that differentiates you from other riders. This same style goes into dual sport gear, like adventure pants, and Speed and Strength most definitely adds their own style to the traditional adventure gear that everyone loves.

BTO Sports has a wide variety of dual sport gear from Speed and Strength. We have helmets, jackets, and of course dual sport pants. Speed and Strength gathered a tribe of high-octane addicts to bring you guys and girls some of the best adventure pants on the market, and BTO Sports is being ever so kindly to bring you the Rust and redemption Armored Jean, and the rage with the Machine jeans. These “jeans” are not your traditional pair of pants although they may appear to be. Let’s go a little deeper and find out what makes these dual sport pants so unique.

Adventure Pants

The Rust and Redemption Armored jean is a low-key highly protective adventure pant. What I mean by that is that you will have a casual appearance while you ride to make people think you’re riding in traditional jeans, but in reality you are riding in some pretty sick dual sport pants. They come constructed with pre-distressed denim for that classic jean appearance, but are equipped with removable Vault CE approved knee protectors.

Knee protection is key when riding any type of motorcycle and is pretty much a must have piece of protective equipment if you plan on walking upright in the future. The knees and seat area of these dual sport pants are reinforced with DuPont Kevlar Fiber thread to increase their durability and help mitigate tears as you hit the asphalt. Let’s face it when you ride it isn’t a matter of if you’re going to fall it’s a matter of when. These reinforcements help your dual sport gear do their job when the time comes so you can walk away unscathed.

Dual Sport Gear

DuPont Kevlar is made with aramid fibers that increase durability, strength, and keep the material incredibly lightweight. These are some of the coolest riding pants on the market. You can transition from a canyon ride to the local shopping centers without having bulky riding pants, but you may want to shower before hanging out in public after a ride…just saying.Check out this adventure gear from Speed and Strength today!

The Rage with the Machine Jeans are identical to Rust and Redemption Armored jeans as they feature the E approved knee armor, the DuPont reinforced knee and seat panels and the pre-distressed denim. These adventure pants have a leather trim that lines the pants for increased durability and a boot cut to accommodate for the riders who prefer riding boots over typical shoes. The Relaxed fit design allows both of these adventure pants to fit perfectly and keep you comfortable throughout your entire ride. Check them out this adventure gear today!

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