TomTom Adventure Touring Navigation

TomTom navigation

TomTom is a Dutch tech company that was founded in 1991. They have been making state-of-the-art navigation devices for twenty-five years now. In the last few years, TomTom has branched out into new markets like fitness and auto, while signing big deals with Uber to use their maps. The company is growing, but hasn’t lost sight of their goal: to make technology so easy to use that everyone can benefit from it.


Adventure Navigation

The adventure motorcycle market has surged in popularity over the last decade, and there are a number of different reasons for this. Dual sport bikes are more reliable than ever, the ubiquity of cell phones to call for help, and more exposure have all increased the popularity of adventure riding. Arguably, the rise of GPS has had the biggest impact on the adventure industry. Riders around the world no longer have to worry about getting lost when venturing down unknown trails. Adventure navigation has changed the game. They are built tougher than a smart phone and don’t lose reception in remote areas. TomTom adventure navigation is a great way compliment the riding experience. /p>


Rider 400

The TomTom Rider 400 is the industry leading navigation device, the first of which to be designed specifically for adventure navigation. The device can generate routes based on the riders’ presets, which makes for an unpredictable ride. Users can not only select where they want to go, but how to get there. Adventure riders can choose how windy or hilly they want the route to be, as well as the distance. It also has presets that allow the rider to skip toll roads and avoid highways. It can even calculate the most eco-friendly route. The TomTom adventure navigation device can be used for casual purposes, like getting from point A to point B.


This device has many other capabilities as well, like Bluetooth pairing. The TomTom Rider 400 is capable of connecting to Bluetooth compatible device. Riders can hear the GPS directions if they are wearing a Bluetooth headset. It can also pair with a mobile phone for traffic updates. The Rider 400 can recalculate a route on the fly if there a traffic delays. Another great feature of this adventure navigation device is the ability to upload GPX files directly onto the device. This affords riders the ability to share routes with each other or save a route to ride it again later.


 TomTom Rider 400


Rider Bike Mount Kit

The TomTom Rider can be fastened to a bike with the TomTom Rider Bike Mount Kit. This turns the TomTom navigation into a hands free device. The mount has a charger built in, so riders will never have to worry about their device running out of battery. The kit comes with everything needed to attach it to a dual sport motorcycle and is compatible with the TomTom Rider 40, 400, 400 premium pack, 410 and 410 premium.


 TomTom Rider Bike Mount Kit


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