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Tour Master is a leader in motorcycle apparel, heated apparel, and motorcycle luggage and covers. BTO Sports has a wide variety of Tour master motorcycle gear and apparel including dual sport gloves so browse through our inventory today!

 Tour Master

Tour Master Gloves

Tour Master provides an extensive amount of products for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world in order to make riding more enjoyable for every rider. They do it because they want to encourage everyone to get out and ride, but with only the best motorcycle apparel and dual sport gear. Dual Sport gloves are the one piece of equipment that will help keep you trekking through the backcountry all season long. Having cold hands is probably the worst thing that can happen on a cold ride, besides crashing, and you can combat that issue with our extensive line of Tour Master dual sport gloves!

BTO Sports has stocked up on Tour Master dual sport gloves for your pleasure and all you need to do is find the one that is going to suit your preferred style of riding. We have many to choose from so I am going to break down a few pair of gloves to help broaden your knowledge and ensure you are making an educated purchase. Tour Master makes some of the best dual sport gloves and adventure gloves on the market so you really can’t go wrong with any of these pair of gloves. You do, though, want to make sure you are getting the right pair that is going to make you the most comfortable on your ride so you can enjoy every moment!

Tour Master Dual Sport Gloves

Some of the Tour Master dual sport gloves that we have here at BTO Sports are going to keep your hands warm and toasty like the Winter Elite 2 glove, and the Gel Cruiser 2. Other gloves will ensure that you are fully protected and ready for the summer months like the Summer Elite 2 and the Adventure-Gel dual sport glove. Check these gloves out below and start riding the upmost comfort.

 Tour Master Dual Sport Gloves

Tour Master Winter Gloves

The Winter Elite 2 glove from Tour Master is made specifically to be worn in the snow and cold weather riding conditions. It is made with water resistant goatskin and sheepskin leather that provides you with immaculate comfort and durability. Keeping in the warmth that your hands generate is the Exkin Air insulation layer that is lined with a layer of aluminized fabric. The entire glove is going to keep out the water with its Hipora membrane barrier that is waterproof yet provides excellent breathability qualities. The McFit Technology liner is going to keep your comfort levels at an all-time high and keep you wanting to ride all day long. Comfort is key when you’re riding because if you are comfortable on the bike, then you’re not riding at your full potential.

The Gel Cruiser is not made for cold or snowy weather riding conditions, but it will do the job when riding through the winter. I’d like to say this glove will be best for weather temperatures that are close to that of Southern California’s winter temperatures, but I personally have not used these gloves. The back of the hand is made with a comfortable abrasion-resistant Armor link mesh that allows for a great range of motion, and the protective goatskin on the knuckles and finger tips gives you great durability. The reinforced goatskin leather on the palm increases comfort, durability, protection and dexterity to reduce your chances of hand fatigue.

Tour master Summer Gloves

If you are looking for a glove to rock in the summertime then check out the Summer Elite 2 dual sport glove. These adventure gloves are perfect for riding in the spring, summer, and fall for various reasons. Tour Master made these dual sport gloves with supple and protective perforated goatskin leather that incorporates Lycra fabric. All of these types of materials increase breathability, flexibility, and comfort. Lycra is a type of fabric that is specifically woven to enhance the range of motion, fitment, and comfort of everything it is used in, including these dual sport gloves. These gloves also have an EVA Foam padding that reduces shock and vibration for enhanced riding capabilities and comfort.