UCLEAR Adventure Touring Communications

Uclear Communication

UClear has been at the forefront of wireless communication since their inception in 2011.Their ideas and innovations are driven by their passion for living life to the fullest. Their products are a way of sharing that joy with their riders. In just a few short years, UClear has become a leader in the wireless communication industry. With their full lineup of adventure communication devices, headsets, and audio systems, riders will have no trouble finding some tech that fits their riding style. Their products combine noise canceling speakers and high-fidelity audio to deliver unbeatable quality. Uclear adventure communication devices allow riders to communicate with each other while enjoying life on the road.


UClear Off-road Adventure System

The UClear Off-road Adventure System is a top of the line communication system. It is a full featured system and comes with everything a rider could ever need in an adventure communication device. It comes equipped with two UClear Anywhere headsets, a boom-less pair of over the ear headphones. This device forgoes the need for a helmet and can be worn anywhere, like the name implies. The lack of a microphone boom gives the headset a low-profile look while still delivering high quality audio and noise cancellation. The built in microphone is engineered to actively cancel out any background noise, like heavy wind or a loud engine so other riders can hear you clearly.


The Uclear Off-road Adventure System comes with a lot of different accessories too, like the Pulse Plus Drop-In Speakers. The speakers sport a standard 3.5mm jack that can plug into any smart phone so riders can pump music directly into their helmets. It also comes with two 40 inch USB cords so riders can use the headset for music. Two AC wall adapters are also included to charge the lithium ion battery.


 Uclear Offroad Adventure System


AMP Helmet Audio System

The UClear Amp Bluetooth helmet audio is another great Bluetooth motorcycle headset. Using the Boost Plus Speaker System, the AMP produces unbeatable audio quality. It cuts down on background noise so other riders can communicate with less interference. The Uclear AMP Helmet Audio system has concealed microphones which creates a seamless experience. Their patented Digital Signal Processing allows the Uclear AMP to triangulate the riders voice to find that “sweet spot” in order to deliver exceptional clarity. This Bluetooth device can be used for communication for riders on the same bike, as well as other riders in the group (up to 500 meters). This Bluetooth device is great for music as well when not riding with others. The motorcycle communication device has bass and treble controls to for a customizable music listening experience. This is the perfect way to add a whole new dimension to a ride.


 UClear AMP Headset