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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Atlas - 2017 Air Neck Brace

Product Code: atlas-air-brace-2017

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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 Atlas - Air Neck Brace

Atlas produces top of the line neck braces to keep riders safely protected no matter what type of riding they prefer, and these motocross neck braces are guaranteed to give riders maximum comfort and support throughout their entire ride. The Atlas Air Neck Brace is constructed from an ultra-flexible and lightweight polymer that gives the brace structural integrity and insane durability. It incorporates a split-flex frame that provides maximum flexibility and comfort because it is able to conform and move with the natural body movements of the rider, providing the rider with a great range of motion. Although it allows a free range of motion, it is engineered to protect the neck, spine and sternum from torsional and compression impacts during a crash.

All Atlas neck braces are lab tested. They are put through rigorous testing by Dynamic Research Inc. and is proven to protect riders from the high impacts of a crash. The Atlas Air Neck Brace has 27% more body contact to improve comfort, but the main goal is to prevent injuries by dissipating the and alleviating the forces of impact before they are transferred to other areas of the body. These motocross neck braces are virtually weightless as they weigh in at 1.3 pounds, and are highly customizable for a secure and proper fitment. The Atlas Air Neck Brace comes with 2 settings for height adjustment options and smart mounts that offer 6 possible adjustments.



  • Ultra flexible polymer construction

  • Split-flex frame to promote mobility

  • Sits around the spine and sternum

  • 300mm of chest suspension

  • 27% more body contact vs competition

  • Easy Open release system 

  • 2 height adjustment options

  • Smart mounts - 6 possible adjustments

  • Hybrid strap - comfort + versatility

  • Weightless 590g (1.3 lbs) minimalist design

  • Available in 3 sizes- Small, Medium & Large

  • In the box: Air brace, tall shoulder pads, Hybrid strap, quick start guide, tape measure, sticker sheet


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