Forma Boots

Forma ATV and Motocross Boots

Forma Boots are here at BTO Sports! These are boots are perfect for ATV use as well as motocross and desert riding. Designed with some of the best technology and high quality materials, your feet will be satisfied throughout your entire ride.


Forma Boots

Forma was born in 1999 by Ivano Binotto and his wife who had 25 years of experience within the industry prior to going into making this 100% independently owned company. This brand is currently known as one of the most innovative brands in the motorcycle boot industry. Rooting themselves in Altivole, Italy, which isn’t far from Asolo where Alpinestars was created, they have been able to build up a world renowned reputation within the motorcycle and motocross industry throughout Europe. Making an entrance into the US and competing with motocross boot brands that have loyal customers, Forma strives to provide riders of all ages with some of the best motocross boots on the market.

Forma's Technology

The technology that is used to make the Forma boots a leading competitor is as follows. They are constructed with OutDry technology which is a new patented process that enhances comfort, performance, and fitment. Instead of the traditional waterproof booties that are used in most motocross boots that has a gap between the boot and the bootie where water can get trapped and cause the boot to be heavier than it should be, this technology eliminates that as the membrane is bonded to the upper part of the boot so there is no extra space. Your foot will still remain dry and in fact, the boots will have better breathability properties while remaining lightweight. This OutDry technology is revolutionary and is definitely something to take note of when deciding which motocross boots you want to purchase.

Along with that, the Forma boots are designed with a dual pivot design. This designed allows for a more free range of motion that incorporates a “brace-like” ankle support system to help prevent torsional injuries. The dual pivot system is constructed from nylon and reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber to give it incredible strength and durability. Additionally, the connector of the dual pivot system provides a natural shape to the ankle portion of the boot while remaining narrow and lightweight to help prevent the boot from getting caught on debris or other riders during the start, tight turns, or narrow tracks.

Forma Predator Boot

One of their newer motocross boots is the Predator boot. This boot is currently on sale here at BTOsports.com and is available in 5 different color schemes. BTO Sports team rider Tyler Enticknap did a review on these boots and you can go here to watch the video! These boots are designed with a micro fiber and synthetic material upper portion of, the duel pivot designed (of course), unbreakable Alloy buckles, a incorporated steel shank mid sole for superior durability and protection, and an anti-bacterial replaceable insole to help keep your boots clean even during the summer months. Another great thing that the Forma boots come with is their 12 month warranty. Forma insists that you contact them with any problems you think you might have with your new boot, or if you believe they are faulty, Forma will inspect them and provide you with a replacement or repair your boots for you.

There are multiple types of riding boots that Forma produces so if you need any help with your purchase you can use our live chat feature and speak with a rep instantly for information, give us a call, or shoot us an email and we will be happy to assist you. Forma doesn’t just make motocross or ATV boots, they produce boots for street riding as well, so if you have any questions regarding forma boots please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you for choosing BTOsports.com for you on and off-roading gear, parts, accessories, and apparel!