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We have a huge selection of ATV gear combos to choose from. If you are looking for a specific type of gear and cannot find it here try using our search bar to refine your search even further.


Gear Combos

The gear combos that are used for ATV riding are no different then what is used for riding a dirt bike. You have the same quality, same brands, and same awesome graphic designs that the professional motocross riders have with exceptions to their sponsor logos. Check out all of our great gear combos from Shift, Fox, MSR and Troy Lee Designs.

Whether you are an avid off-roading fiend, or an average rider who just likes to have fun riding in the desert with friends and family the style points are all the same! With amazing get combos to choose from, your style points will be off the charts and you will have your friends curious as to where you got your gear; along with that they will be even more surprised when they find out the great low prices you paid to receive them. BTO Sports strives to offer our customers the best products within the industry for some of the lowest prices on the market.

ATV Gear Combos

We carry top of the line, race performance off-road gear from various companies, but on the page you will find ATV gear combos from Shift, Fox racing, MSR and Troy Lee Designs. Shift just came out with a brand new line of gear for their 20th anniversary. This gear redefines the stereotypical look of modern day riding gear and throws it back to the days where it all began. The 90’s scene of motocross and supercross racing were some of the most epic times within the sport. You had Ricky Carmichael, the Goat, going head to head with some of the biggest names in the industry like Jeremy McGrath. Quickly the Rise of James Stewart, a few years later, pushed the limits of our sport be inventing a common day practice within motocross called “The Scrub”. Back then it was known as the “Bubba Scrub” as James was the only person doing this and as a result he put some of the fastest laps times anyone has ever seen.

Other companies like Fox Racing, Troy Lee Designs, and MSR have their own way of redefining motocross gear and have brought to your some of the most innovative, creative, and graphically designed motocross and ATV gear combos on the market. One of the lines of ATV gear combos that are available features one of today’s favorite and fastest riders, Ken Roczen. His signature line of the Fox Flex Air gear combo was featured in the Monster Energy Cup of 2016 and is only available for a limited time. Other Fox racing ATV gear combos consist of the 180 Monster Energy Pro Circuit gear combo, the Sabbath combo ( also available in youth sizes) the Fox Racing 360 MXON (MX of Nations) Creo combo.

If you are unable to find the right gear combos you are looking for, give us a call and we will do our best to help.