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    O'Neal - Element Racewear Jersey (Womens)

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    O'Neal 2018 Element Racewear Jersey (Womens)

    Back in the 1960’s, when off-road bike were gaining popularity, there wasn’t a lot of gear that could withstand the rigors of the sport. Jim O’Neal recognized the lapse in off-road apparel and founded O’Neal in 1970. Jim was never in getting rich. It was always about providing riders with gear that was better suited for motocross. The industry has evolved over their 47 year history, but their commitment and passion for the sport has never wavered. Their lineup now includes five brands under the O’Neal banner, with products available in 7,000 retail locations around the world. The 2018 release continues their strong legacy of high quality products that riders have come to expect from O’Neal. The brand new O’Neal Element Racewear Womens Jersey is just one of many great dirt bike jerseys in this years’ release!


    The O’Neal Element Racewear Women’s Jersey makes a return for the 2018 season! This women’s dirt bike jersey has been completely revamped for an all new look & feel. Fans of the previous Element Racewear jerseys will definitely like this new version. This O’Neal women’s dirt bike jersey is available in a pink & black colorway, which is pretty traditional for feminine riding gear. O’Neal dropped the flo-yellow accent color between models which gives it a cleaner and modern look. The shade of pink is a touch lighter which also improves the overall aesthetic. The new Element features the O’Neal logo angled across the chest and the year “1970” to remind riders they’ve been doing this awhile. The logo is written down both arms and appears on both shoulders of this O’Neal motocross jersey. Colored pinstripes fade down the length of the torso and down the back. This women’s motocross jersey is specifically designed to fit female riders.


    The O’Neal Element Racewear Womens Jersey isn’t just a good looking jersey. It has a bunch of cool features that make it a great motocross jersey for riders of all skill levels. The most important feature is the breathability that the polyester material affords. Riders will notice right away how light & breathable this womens dirt bike jersey is which makes it perfect hot days in the summer or desert. The O’Neal Element Racewear Womens Jersey is also moisture wicking. The fabric pulls sweat away from the skin of the rider, which helps the perspiration to evaporate. This has a cooling effect on the rider. These two features work in tandem for unbeatable hot weather relief. Comfort is an important factory when selecting a motocross jersey. That’s why the element is lightweight, so it never feels like it’s weighing you down. The unique V-neck collar affords better synergy with helmets and neck braces. Speaking of protection, this dirt bike jersey has padding sewn into the elbows. This gives riders and extra layer of defense against abrasions and impacts.


    At BTO Sports, we carry all the newest O’Neal dirt bike jerseys, like the 2018 O’Neal Element Racewear Womens Jersey. Make sure to check out their entire 2018 lineup which includes tons of jerseys, pants, helmets, gloves and more!


    O'Neal 2018 Element Racewear Jersey (Womens)Features:

    • Breathable, moisture-wicking material
    • Jersey weight 9.3oz (size L)
    • Sublimated graphics
    • Extended tail that keeps jersey tucked in
    • Sewn-in elbow padding
    • V-Neck collar