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    This product is no Longer Available

    Ram Mounts - Torque with X-Grip Phone Bar Mount


    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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    RAM® Mounts – Torque™ with X-Grip® Phone Bar Mount




    Take your mobile entertainment on the road with the new RAM® Torque™ handlebar and rail mounting base. We’ve paired a B-sized 1” rubber ball base that accommodates bars with a B-sized standard length arm the dynamic X-Grip® for phones. Sizing inserts are included to provide a snug fit and offer additional protection for the rail. The mount utilizes nylon-insert locknuts to prevent loosening in high vibration environments. This low-profile mount is the perfect way to secure your personal electronics and small accessories in any high-vibration environment.


    The included X-Grip® cradle has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your phone behind foam pads and plastic. The spring loaded X-Grip® cradle expands and contracts, allowing for a perfect custom fit of your cell phone. The perfect complement to the modern sleek interior of today's vehicles, the RAM X-Grip® is the cell phone cradle evolved. The X-Grip® includes a device tether recommended for outdoor applications. The cradle is compatible with handheld devices that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your handheld device with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size.


    Mounting Base Dimensions:



    Short Arm Standard Phone:
    Accommodates rails 3/4" to 1" in diameter


    Medium Arm Standard Phone:
    Accommodates rails 1 1/8” to 1 1/2” in diameter


    Medium Arm Larger Phone:
    Accommodates rails 3/4" to 1" in diameter


    Medium Arm Larger Phone:
    Accommodates rails 1 1/8” to 1 1/2” in diameter

    Cradle Dimensions:


    Short and Medium Arm Standard Phone:
    Minimum Width = 1.875" (Minimum Height = 4.25")
    Maximum Width = 3.25" (Minimum Height = 2.25")
    Depth = 0.875" 


    Medium Arm Larger Phone:
    Minimum Width = 1.75" (Minimum Height = 5.5")
    Maximum Width = 4.5" (Minimum Height = 3.25")
    Depth = 0.875"

    RAM’s factory, research and development, shipping, support, sales, marketing and testing facilities are located just a short distance from the Seattle garage that RAM® Mounts started in. When RAM® apply the “Made in the USA” logo to their products, it is not as a marketing gimmick. They are committed to delivering a top-quality product and experience to you, their customer, and being able to walk down the hall and connect directly with their injection molding machines to ensure that each mount, IntelliSkin and GDS dock are up to their standards. It is the core reason of how they are able to deliver a quality product directly to you.
    When a RAM® Mounts product arrives for your boat, forklift, motorcycle or semi truck, use it with the confidence that comes from knowing it was built by hand in America using locally sourced materials. They stand behind every product with a lifetime warranty. They are constantly working to innovate their products and appreciate you supporting their vision.


    Specs & Features:


    • Rustproof
    • High strength composite and stainless steel construction
    • Spring loaded cradle expands and contracts for perfect fit of your device
    • Rubber coated tips will hold device firm and stable
    • Socket technology allows for multiple adjustment angles and articulation of device
    • Includes Tether for open cockpit and extreme environments
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Made in U.S.A.
    • Ball Size: 1" Rubber Ball "B" Size
    • Weight: 0.78 lbs.