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This product has been discontinued

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Scosche - Rockstar On Ear Headphones

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This product is no Longer Available

Scosche - Rockstar On Ear Headphones

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Scosche - Rockstar On Ear Headphones

Scosche and Rockstar have teamed up to develop the brand new Scosche Rockstar On Ear Headphones; part of the larger Rockstar edition lineup. Audiophiles will love these high quality headphones, made even sweeter by the affordable price point. Earbuds definitely have their place, but pale in comparison to over the ear headphones. The studio quality output on these Scosche headphones deliver crisp treble, mids & bass for an incredible listening experience that can’t be achieved with earbuds. They also do a better job at noise cancellation by completely surrounding the listeners’ ear so you don’t have to crank up the volume as high. The lower decibels required for a clear and uncompromised sound also reduces the risk of damaging your ear drums.


These Rockstar over the head Headphones have many other great features too, like the ultra-comfortable ear cups. Sometimes if you leave earbuds in for too long they can start to hurt or become uncomfortable. The soft padding allows these Scosche headphones to be worn for long periods of time, making them great for road trips or air travel. The cups also have swivel action so they can be positioned in the most comfortable spot on your ear. The headset is lightweight too so it never feels like its weighing down your head. The 3.5mm audio jack fits into nearly every audio device and is angled for better access to devices that are housed in cases. Thanks to this Rockstar Energy team up, you can jam out to your favorite rockstars with the Scosche Rockstar On Ear Headphones!



  • Lightweight
  • Angled 3.5mm
  • Extremely Soft Ear-Cushions