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BTO Sports has been at this motocross thing a long time. And as such we know that having the better dirt bike parts for your bike will not only make the difference in how well your dirt bike performs, but also how long your dirt bike parts will last. Durability is the name of the game for most all dirt bike parts, and there is no question that Brakes are very much part of this vital equation. Passion has always played just a large a part in the choice of a motorcycle as have technology and style. And as a result, each motorcycle differs from the next, to cater for the individual needs of its rider. Brembo offers a comprehensive range of spare parts that respond to the specific technical requisites of all Brakes are huge on the dirt bike parts food chain so to speak, so don’t let their size fool you- Brakes stop the bike! They are extremely important to the overall health of you and your bike. Companies like Brembo make Brakes and the corresponding accessories for todays on and off road, high performance motorcycles- and other ancillary dirt bike parts. The newer brakes featured here at BTO have all of the performance and stopping power expected in brakes. motorcycle types: from racing bikes and street bikes to city and off-road machines.

This extensive range of technologically superlative products derived directly from Brembo's immense experience in motorsports and in the OEM market, fully satisfies the expectations of all riders in terms of performance, control and durability. The superlative quality, performance and comfort of the world's leading braking system brand are within reach of all motorcyclists right here at BTO Sports! Just jump on the Brembo Brakes page, and you can then choose the ideal Brembo parts to not only suit the performance of your bikes, but also to suit your own riding styles and styling preferences. In short- Brembo Brakes do multiple, vital tasks at once, thereby protecting a number of critical dirt bike parts… And you, the rider!

The Brembo brakes products we sell here at BTO Sports have the characteristics you’re looking for in brakes (and dirt bike parts in general!). Evolutionary technologies such as anti-squeal, anti-drag and anti-heat are just a few of the features after-market brakes can provide. Of all the dirt bike parts you might need over the life of your bike- the brakes will obviously be at the top. They are the prime-timers of dirt bike parts, yet after-market brakes and their accessories don’t cost nearly as much as many of their OEM dirt bike parts brethren.

Brembo Brakes offers a complete range of brake discs and an extensive range of brake pads: a high-tech choice that improves the safety and performance of the entire braking system. The importance of good brakes obviously can’t be overstated! At BTO Sports, we can have you hooked up with the proper brakes for your off road or street bike. More often than not, it’s Brembo Brakes that we will end up recommending to you!