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Pro Circuit

Pro Circuit Exhaust

Pro Circuit is one of the best motocross exhaust brands in the world. They were started by the one and only Mitch Payton back in 1978. Mitch was a desert racer at the time and saw a need for another high end and high preforming exhaust company. He was only 18 at the time when we decided to launch Pro Circuit Exhaust. Being so involved in the motorcycle world building exhaust system for motorcycles was right up his alley. Mitch had help from his father to build these high performance exhaust parts. There was a ton of testing that Pro Circuit did all over southern California, to make sure the parts were going to perform and be able to increase the power of the bike. Once Mitch had tested the exhaust systems, it was time for him to start getting it on other big time racers. It is safe to say that little did Mitch know what his company that he started out back in 1978 would grow to become arguable the biggest dirt exhaust system company in the world. Those feelings he had back in his youth to invent were spot on.

Pro Circuit Race Team

Pro Circuit race team started to form, and not ever long into the supercross team building Mitch was able to gather a group of very talented riders. Some of the biggest names to ever rider for Team Pro Circuit were Jeremy McGrath, and Rick Carmichael. These two riders alone would create and make the pro circuit race team popular and famous among all riders and supporters in the industry. Another amazing thing Mitch did for Pro Circuit’s race team was integrate the same style of corporate sponsoring that the auto racing industry was doing. The only way to get the best riders to ride for the pro circuit race team was to have money. In the early days for pro circuit there was not a lot of money around, which is very common for new companies. So this strategy allowed them a chance to get big riders and really create a brand and name for Pro Circuit.

Pro Circuit Accessories

Outside of Pro circuit exhaust there are a lot more product they have branched out and began making. Pro Circuit graphics have become very popular over time. The graphics kits were being used by some the best and top riders in the world, creating high demand for those kits. It was a process to find the right manufacture for the pro circuit graphic kits, and ended up to fall onto factory effex. Moving on from Pro Circuits graphics, they also fabricate hard parts. These hard parts include water pump covers, linkage arms, triple clamps, radiator hose kits, clutch covers, and more small parts for exhaust systems. Us here at BTO Sports will not be able to perform a Pro Circuit jetting service but you can send your bike in and they will do their pro circuit jetting for you. When you leave it to the pros, they will make sure everything is done correct to maximize your bikes performance.

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