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SixSixOne Protective Gear

SixSixOne Mountain Bike and BMX Gear

Established in Southern California in 2002, SixSixOne set out to develop some of the best protective equipment on the market. With that came the SixSixOne – Comp Pressure Suit, Evo Pressure Suit, Chest protectors, knee guards, the more protective knee braces, and much more for Downhill Mountain Biking and BMX.

SixSixOne Mountain Bike and BMX Gear

SixSixOne strives to provide riders with adequate SixSixOne motocross gear that will protect the rider without sacrificing comfort. SixSixOne protective gear has been protecting riders since 2002, and the brand is branching out to the world of downhill mountain biking and BMX with their great line of shin guards, Elbow guards, and their high end bicycle helmets.

So therefore, SixSixOne produces top of the line protective gear for BMX and mountain bikers to keep them fully protected, and to mitigate the consequences of living the lifestyle they love. The SixSixOne gear extends across the board with their line of knee guards and braces, body armor, and ankle and wrists supports.

Every rider knows that the joy and benefits of riding also comes with mind opening consequences that can range anywhere from broken hands and legs to concussions and brain injuries. These people do what they do for the love of the sport and lifestyle just like any other athlete and SixSixOne understands that.

SixSixOne Bicycle Gear

SixSixOne has a large selection of bicycle protective gear to keep you fully protected whether you ride mountain bikes or BMX bikes. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid BMX racer that rides every day to race your best on the weekends, a downhill mountain bike racer, or just a casual rider of the two sports. SixSixOne provides riders of all skill levels and ages with some of the best BMX and mountain bike protective gear in the industry.

SixSixOne classifies themselves as a company that “Embodies what it means to have fun on two wheels…in the dirt or on the street”. They have produced some of the best body armor on the market to keep riders who are looking for an unforgettable adrenaline rush safely protected on the track or blazing through the trails.

BTO Sports offers a great selection of SixSixOne mountain bike protective gear to maximize our customers’ options of how they want to protect themselves on the track or trails. The line of SixSixOne bicycle gear is endless and the SixSixOne mountain bike and BMX accessories are a perfect complement to your new SixSixOne protective gear. Check out the collection of SixSixOne protective gear and SixSixOne bicycle accessories from BTO Sports. We have a wide selection of SixSixOne mountain bike and BMX gear and SixSixOne accessories to browse through; they are perfect for birthday gifts, holiday surprises, or other special occasions.

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