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Shoei is by far one of the best motorcycle helmet manufactures in the world. They have been in business making high end helmets for over 50 years. Shoei was started back in 1959 out of Tokyo, Japan. The founder Eitaro Kamata began producing his motorcycle helmets to the Japanese industrial standard a year after he started Shoei. Once he began making these helmets specially for motorcycles big players in the game started to take notice. It was another 5-6 years later before Honda Motor Co actually adopted Shoei as their genuine helmet and fully endorsed them. This was a huge break for Shoei. Having a brand and company like Honda bring you global notification and then endorse your helmets with all of their drivers and riders. Coming into the helmet market, this was one of the best deals Shoei could have made.



When looking at some of the best motorcycle helmets from Shoei you can start with the Shoei RF 1100. This helmet has been one of the major staples for Shoei in the motorcycle community. You will see these RF1100 helmet on all styles of riders. Starting at the cruiser rider who is out doing a joy ride on the weekends, to the aggressive racer that is always thinking about laying over his bike and dragging that knee. After the Shoei RF 1100, would come the Shoei Neotec modular helmet. This helmet is more of a modern style of motorcycle helmet and will be seen being worn by a lot of the adventure style motorcycle riders out there. Also when shopping around for just the right style and brand of motorcycle helmet you always wants to keep in mind the shield options. Shoei shields are some of the best and top of the line motorcycle shields you can get aftermarket. They come in all different style s and colors to make sure you can have the right shield for whatever riding conditions you have.

Outside of Shoei shields, you can find many different kind of Shoei accessories on our website. This includes shoei helmet visors, shoei helmet mouthpieces, and shoei tee shirts. If you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to Shoei accessories or anything shoei for that matter please let us know. You can call us toll free at 888-613-3393 or drop us an email at [email protected] It is our job to make your shopping experience the best and keep you coming back to us for all of your moto life. We want you also to remember that all Shoei helmets ship with free 1-3 day air shipping, and have a hassle free return policy. We will also price match almost any of our competitors pricing, unless the helmet is on a close out sale.

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Shoei Helmets

Shoei motorcycle helmets have been leading the high end helmet game for a long time now. Shoei started back in 1959 and has been one of the most respected helmet manufactures since. Being arguably the most important part of your motorcycle gear collection, it does not make sense to shy away from spending good money on a motorcycle helmet. Safety is the main goal for Shoei helmets and very well should be. They take their Street Helmets and Off-Road Helmets through rigorous testing to make sure they only put out the best, and surpass the US DOT approval rating system. Shoei helmets come in many different shapes and sizes, so make sure to check out our large selection. If you are not finding something in particular please let us know by calling 1-888-613-3393 or emailing us at [email protected] We are here to help you!

Some popular Shoei Helmet models:

RF-1200 Helmets

J-Cruise Helmets

VFX-W Helmets

Hornet X2

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Shoei -  VFX-W Solid Helmets

I would buy this product again and again

I used many helmets before this one . Shoe is the best I've never used. Style, confortable , all good
Shoei - RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei - RF-1200 Helmet

Best helmet i have ever owned!
Shoei - VFX-W Grant 2 Helmet

Great service and product

Got my helmet really quickly and couldn't be happier with the it. Looks even better in person.