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Thor Motocross Gear, Thor Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories

Thor MX is one of the biggest and best motocross brands in the industry. Thor Racing has been leading the industry for over 15 years now and will continue to lead the way for all motocross riding gear. Thor MX was started back in 1960’s by the Thor racing man himself Torsten Hallman. He was born in Sweden and kept pushing the Thor motocross brand towards the states until it finally broke through and dealers started to push the brand. Back in 1971 Hallman was hired by Yamaha to help grow both the Yamaha business as well as piggy back his new brand to the rest of the motocross world. Thor stands for Torsten Hallman Original Race wear. Because of his background with motocross and riding dirt bikes Torsten has really been involved in making Thor MX one of the biggest brands in the dirt bike industry world. Thor racing has been taking the top riders in both the 250 and 450 classes for the last 10 years. When looking at the 250cc class of riders, Thor has taken one of the biggest name Adam Cianciarulo. He is one of the hottest young kids to come out and play with the 250cc class. Also very popular in the 250cc class is Thor motocross rider Cooper Webb. Cooper won the west coast championship this year and was on the podium almost every single race. It is hard to say the Thor MX gear was the reason behind that because it most certainly was not. But you can say that Thor Racing knows who the hot kids are out there because they are very in tune with the Supercross world.

Thor MX

Another classic Thor motocross legend would have to be Jeremy McGrath. For Thor MX the name Jeremy McGrath is the staple that continues to allow for big young riders like Cooper Web to be exited and want to join team Thor Racing. Also along with McGrath comes another legend Ryan Villopoto. Ryan was just about as dominating as McGrath when they both rode for Thor Racing. These are two of the biggest legends to be racers in the Supercross world. Thor Mx will continue to be one of the biggest and best motocross brands in the industry.

Thor Racing

Along with the Thor Mx legends you can find Thor boots, Thor riding gear, and Thor helmets. We make sure to carry all the of latest and great products from Thor. You will also find killer deals and clearance sales around Thor Mx products. You can find these Thor sale items in either the clearance section of our website, or just by shopping the Thor Mx category page. We are also here to help you as the customer, get the right size Thor gear and will make sure that if you need to return your items we make it a hassle free experience. You can give us a call toll free at 888-613-3393 or drop us an email at [email protected] We are here to help our customers.

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