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Yoshimura Exhaust

Yoshimura Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems

Yoshimura exhaust systems are right here at BTO Sports. We carry a large selection of Yoshimura Exhaust systems to choose from for various makes, models, and years of dirt bikes. These products are bike specific so make sure you are choosing the correct model of Yoshimura exhaust for your bike.


Yoshimura Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems

Yoshimura exhaust began gaining recognition in the MotoGP and Superbike world after partnering up with Suzuki. They began producing championship race bikes that outperformed their competition and ever since then, Yoshimura exhausts became one of the biggest names in the industry. With countless hours of testing, research and development, and an ambition to be the best, Yoshimura became a leading manufacturer in dirt bike exhaust systems. Here at BTO Sports, we offer our customers top of the line racing exhausts for their dirt bikes, and Yoshimura is one of them!

Types of Yoshimura Exhaust Systems

Yoshimura makes a wide variety of dirt bike exhausts and exhaust accessories for factory race bikes and the average motocross racer. Even if you are looking for some power gains to make your desert riders more enjoyable, Yoshimura will have the perfect exhaust system for you. With a selection like ours, you can choose from the RS-4 full system, the RS-2 full system, the RS 9D full system, and much more!

Yoshimura RS-4 Pro Series Dirt Bike Exhaust

The RS-4 comes in two different styles, the Comp series and the Pro Series. The Yoshimura Pro Series RS-4 is a new evolutionary exhaust system that was the official exhaust system of the Rockstar Makita Suzuki Supercross and Motocross team. This exhaust system was engineered around the team’s expectations and after working with professional riders, Yoshimura was able to nearly perfect this exhaust system. It brings massive power gains throughout the power band while keep your dirt bike from being obnoxiously loud. They are made with a titanium header and mid-pipe and you get the option of running the titanium or carbon fiber muffler sleeve.


Yoshimura RS-4 Comp Series Exhaust

The Comp Series is the newly redefined edition of the Pro Series and is made to be lighter, quieter, and increase your power gains throughout the entire RPM range. The Comp series is designed to win races and provide you with a great sound exhaust note that is like music to your ears. Your dirt bike will be literally thanking you for allowing it to breathe like it should with the new Comp Series Rs-4 dirt bike exhaust system. You can get the slip-on version or the complete full racing exhaust.

Yoshimura RS-9D Racing Exhaust

The RS-9D Yoshimura exhaust system is currently used by the HRC Honda Racing team. Yes Ken Roczen is running this sick racing exhaust to help him get the championship title this Supercross season. The dual exit exhaust system is entirely new muffler that is specifically built for the CRF450R. After working with Jeremy McGrath, Justin Barcia, Trey Canard and a couple other pro riders, Yoshimura was able to complete redefine their RS-9D racing exhaust to be better than ever. Instead of the stock horizontal divider on these race bikes, Yoshimura put in a vertical divider that displaces the gases more evenly for a smooth, unrestricted flow. The new muffler system on this dirt bike exhaust provides the rider with an increased throttle response, and thanks to the dual setup, they were able to make smaller sized mufflers allowing them to position the exhaust closer to the centralized mass of the bike.


Give yourself a leading advantage of your friends and competition with the new Yoshimura racing exhausts here at BTO Sports. We always have great deals and prices on our products so shop with us today and start saving!

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