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At BTO Sports, we know that the bottom line in the dirt bike business is fun! While we have all the gear to keep you protected and your bike running smoothly, we also have those extra items that really enhance your overall riding experience. More often than not, this is where Audio-Video items come into play- and BTO Sports has got them! UCLEAR is one of the most exciting brands of them all, with cutting edge, in-helmet tech that will have the sounds of your world clear as a bell.

UCLEAR Digital is a Bluetooth technology focused on communication, free from noise and environmental interference. UCLEAR is all about enjoying life, having fun with family and friends, getting outdoors and feeling the wind in your face. UCLEAR Digital is about staying connected – to your music, phone and friends, 365 days a year. Whether on the slopes, on the open road, on the trail, or in your own backyard with BTO Sports and UCLEAR Digital, you have flexibility, award-winning technology, customer support, connectivity, and the power to stay connected no matter where life takes you.

The Pulse HD Drop-In Speakers from UCLEAR add Hi-definition audio to just about any helmet with their universal fit. They plug into many helmet communication systems, audio devices or Smartphones with a standard gold plated 3.5mm audio jack. The Pulse adds crisp sound, Extreme Bass, Unsurpassed music quality. Drop-in the HD Speakers; your ears will thank you! And this is just one of the many options BTO Sports and UCLEAR have for you.

UCLEAR’s Audio Engineers worked feverishly on the HD Speakers to bring you Hi-Fi audio. Clear voice audio to exceptional music playback, they nailed it. These guys love their hip-hop so they pumped up our sound drivers to bring you the best sound in helmet audio. The Pulse Speaker design allows you to swap your speakers quickly from one helmet to another. So, if you shred on your board in the morning and hit the bike in the afternoon the Pulse Plus drop-ins will keep you connected to your music, or those can’t miss phone calls. UCLEAR has taken grooving to your music completely mobile- and you will not believe the sound. It’s truly incredible.

Trust us- while the old saying goes something like ‘seeing is believing’, audio products are flying off the shelves just as fast as their POV camera counterparts… and for good reason! Portable speakers and earbuds can have you riding to your own soundtrack, while Bluetooth technology has made communication on the tracks and trails simpler than ever before. Equipped with today’s latest UCLEAR gadgets, you can crank up your favorite tunes and tell your friends all about it at the same time- all from the seat of your moving dirt bike.

Indeed, you can bet that the UCLEAR department here at BTO Sports is one of the busiest spots on our site- because having the latest sounds available will surely make your life on the bike that much more exciting!