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Fox Hats


Fox hats are the most iconic hats in motocross. Fox has been around since the genesis of the sport and there seems like there is nothing slowing them down. Regarded as one of the first pioneers and respected as one of the biggest contributors to the sport, Fox has always commanded a level of quality that is obvious to everyone. Fox hats represent all that Fox has ever stood for, and will stand for, in the motocross industry. Everyone recognizes the Foxhead logo. Even those that are not dirt bike enthusiasts know about the Foxhead. Fox does not just ride on their waves of influence and popularity. They make quality products that last long and look good. While, their racewear is performance-oriented, it can be argued that their casual wear is the same way. The performance for hats is measured differently of course. Fox hats do everything they’re supposed to do, and more. They are made of some of the most durable materials on the planet for hats. These materials work in conjunction with classic and advanced designs, in order to create a hat that exceeds all expectations in the field of hats. Fox takes a look at their designs every year, so that their hats are the most updated and modern. New technology is introduced every year, and Fox is one to embrace it. Performance also includes comfort. As a hat, Fox hats have comfortable materials that allow you to showcase your style or pride, without feeling uncomfortable. Depending on the hat, they can also serve as a function. Hats can serve to block out the more harmful rays of the sun. The performance value of a hat that is supposed to have that ability correlates to its ability to shade you from sun rays. In conclusion, Fox hats are the sturdiest, high-performing hats you can imagine.  


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