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Kali Helmets

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BTO Sports carries a wide variety of motocross, downhill mountain biking, BMX, and a handful of other action sports gear, parts, accessories, and apparel which includes the Kali Protectives line of riding gear.

 Kali Helmets

Kali Helmets

Kali helmets are one of the most popular MTB helmet brands that we carry. Not only does Kali make great high quality helmets, but they also specialize in protective gear. This is where Kali gets their full name, “Kali Protective”. You will find that Kali helmets can range in price from under $100 for a simple BMX helmet, to a full face carbon helmet with a price point around $500. You can find many other helmet options in between those prices to best match your riding ability and budget.

Regardless of what sport you are purchasing you are riding gear for, you can find an extensive selection of riding helmets here at BTO Sports. We strive to supply the most sought after riding gear within the industries of motocross, downhill mountain biking, BMX and other realms of action sports. Although it may not always happen and inconveniences will be out of our control, BTO Sports makes great efforts to provide our riders with high quality riding gear like Kali Protectives all year round.

Kali Protectives they set after a quest to revolutionize the construction of helmets within the action sport industry, and the Kali helmets they produce speak for themselves with the new composite fusion technology has been introduced. They have developed different levels of construction characteristics, and designs since 2006 to bring their newest and most innovative technological advancements into 2016. From utilizing aspects of previous composite fusion designs and constructions and the low density layer, they have brought to plate their new line of Nano Core helmets.

Kali Helmet Protection

These Kali helmets that have the Nano Core technology are infused with an acrylic self-healing foam and carbon nanotubes to increase the dissipation levels of impact energy. These new Kali helmets have transformed the way bike helmets are being manufactured with the ultimate goal of keeping riders’ safety a main concern and allowing them to ride longer throughout their life. The head and brain more specifically, is the one portion of the body that can’t necessarily be fixed. You can break an arm or leg and have surgery to repair the damages, but the neurons that transmit information to other nerve endings throughout the brain and brain cells cannot be. This is why no one should put a price tag on their brain, and purchase the best helmets on the market.

This does not mean to purchase the most expensive helmet with having no prior knowledge of why it is marked at the price it is. Do some research; find out what technology it contains and how that technology may in fact save your life one day. Some of the most popular Kali helmets that we have seen being sold are the Maraka CX Edge, and the Sastra Solid helmet models. But if you are having any trouble picking a helmet please do not hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call toll free at 1-888-613-3393.


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