Motorcycle Controls

Motorcycle Grips and Motorcycle Controls

Without your motorcycle controls, how could you ride a bike? You couldn't. That is why motorcycle control parts are incredibly important. This group of motorcycle parts is made up of the handlebars, and everything attached to them. The handlebars, grips, levers, throttle, and the optional stabilizer make up the motorcycle controls group.

The OEM control parts on your motorcycle will do the job up until they wear out, but we have aftermarket parts available which will do the job better, and look better too. Here at BTO Sports, we have throttle kits which replace the original throttle kit with a fully adjustable throttle that can be set to different rates, for different conditions. Some other street bike controls that are great to have would be a stabilizer, which allows you to ride at a higher speed, while keeping the bike under better control, with less effort.

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