Motorcycle Drive

Motorcycle Drive and Motorcycle Drive Parts

It is pretty obvious that without the right motorcycle drive parts on your bike, you're not going anywhere. I'm referring to your countershaft sprocket, chain, and rear sprocket. These three essential elements are responsible for delivering power to the bike. Without them, you would be Fred Flinstone-ing your bike around town. Where's the fun in that?

Not only do you need these parts, you need to keep them well maintained. That means constant monitoring of your chain as well as the teeth on your sprockets. When (not if) the teeth on your sprockets wear down, the chain can slip causing substantial loss in performance as well as dangerous riding conditions. Motorcycle drive parts are relatively cheap to replace on your bike. They are also very visible without having to remove any other parts. This being said it's both easy and wise to manage your street bike drive parts.

Refine Your Search

In addition to performance enhancement, you can take the opportunity to visually enhance the look of your bike as well with these parts. Chains come in colors like black and gold, while sprockets are available in a wide spectrum of colors and designs.
As far as performance enhancement goes, you can add low-end power or top-end speed by adjusting the gearing of the sprockets. This is as easy as adding or subtracting teeth to your current sprocket count. If you install a rear sprocket with more teeth than your current sprocket, you will add low-end power. If you install a sprocket with less teeth, you increase top speed.

Changing your motorcycle drive parts at the same time is not necessary, but highly advised. This ensures even wear on the drive system. It's convenient and logical - as you will be manipulating all 3 parts when you replace one anyway.

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