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Read More About Womens Helmets

When it comes to women's motorcycle helmets, BTO has you covered. An amazing variety of motorcycle helmets for women are on the market today, so choose the right lid for your ride. The half helmet variety of women's motorcycle helmets, also called a “Shorty,” is that classic half bowl looking version of the helmet. While being mostly open like that definitely ups your ability to hear and see, not to mention feel the air, it offers less protection than other varieties. However, these half motorcycle helmets for women do meet the minimum requirements in most states with helmet laws. The next kind of helmet is the vintage looking open face helmet. This kind looks a lot like a football helmet without the grill in front and comes in some pretty sweet retro styles. It offers more protection than a half helmet but leaves the face open and vulnerable (although most of these open face motorcycle helmets for women do provide a protective visor of some kind). The safest style in women's motorcycle helmets is the full face helmet. A very good quality full face helmet usually receives higher safety ratings than the more open varieties. For daily commuters and others who make frequent, shorter trips, a modular helmet may be a good compromise. These have the better protection that full face ladies motorcycle helmets offer, but also sport a moveable chin strap so you can talk or gas up without taking off your helmet. The Best Selection of

Motorcycle Helmets for Women

At BTO we carry an extensive line of women's motorcycle helmets than can meet the needs of any of our female riding fanatics. We know you want the best safety ratings on motorcycle helmets for women that look and feel great, and that's what we offer. Contact your pro rider friends at BTO to learn more about which ladies motorcycle helmet might be best for you.