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Slayco - Slasher Tee Shirt

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SlayCo - Slasher Tee Shirt

BTO Sports is proud to present the new line of apparel from Axell Hodges, Slayco! Slayco has been officially released to the public and you can get it right here at Axell Hodges as built a calling amongst the moto industry, and people all across the nation has heard the name “Axell Hodges” thrown around. Whether you are a racer, rider, or just a fan of the sport who recently threw in the towel, you can up your street attire with the new line of Slayco Tee right here at BTO Sports! The Slayco Slasher T-shirt is a classic styled t-shirt that doesn’t scream “Look at me!”, but will turn heads left and right all day long.

You can show your passion and love for motocross with this Slayco Slasher Tee, and it will keep you looking fresh all day long! The Slasher Tee from Axell Hodges’s line of casual apparel, Slayco, features an American Flag logo on the left sleeve to show love for USA and dirt bikes. This Slasher Tee comes in two different colors, black and white, and multiple sizes that range from small to double X. Don’t settle for anything but the best and make sure you grab one of these Slayco shirts today before they sell out. BTO Sports and Axell Hodges provide you with the full line of Slayco Tee shirts so grab yours today and Slay!!

Slayco Slasher T-Shirt Features:

  • 100% Combed Cotton for incomparable softness and comfort
  • Tubular Construction
  • Nafta Certfication