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Be The One

Welcome to “ FOR THE RECORD “ a series where we will take you through the journeys of Malcolm Stewart. Teamed up with BTO Sports we can give you an in depth view on Malcolm’s perspective.

For the Record Ep.3

EP.3: For The Record - Malcolm Stewart

MOVING FORWARD - In the final episode of For The Record Malcolm shows the past cannot mold your future if you just move forward. "I want to thank all of you who watched these episodes and I hope you enjoyed the journey, Ill have some announcements soon what my plan is for the rest of 2018. Thanks for believing in me" - Malcolm Stewart

For The Record Ep.2

EP.2: For The Record - Malcolm Stewart

NO ROOM - Episode 2, Malcolm talks about some of the uncertainties, rule changes and post-emotion that lead to not defending his 2016 Lites East Coast SX Championship.

For The Record Ep1

EP.1: For The Record - Malcolm Stewart

THE BEGINNING - In Episode 1, Malcolm looks back on where it all started for him. Remembering the feelings of the early days and what drove him to be who he is now. Memories of “the kid who was smiling at 8 years old to the same kid now

Be The One EP1

Prologue - Welcome To The Team.

BE THE ONE | In a world where nothing is given to you, Malcolm Stewart has already reached a list of achievements in his career. His talent is undeniable, his personality cannot be replicated and his story was not plotted. What it comes down to is that you do not reach this level in the sport without simply having the love for it.

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