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Antonio Calavano

Antonio Calavano


Age: 18    Hometown: Sacramento, CA    Number: 52    Favorite Track: Pala Raceway    Class(s): Schoolboy2, 250B, 450B   

First Race: Sacramento Raceway
First sponsorship received: Cycle Gear
First year on a motorcycle: 7 years old
Motocross idol: James Stewart
Favorite part about riding a motorcycle: The adrenaline rush
Why are you passionate about motocross? When you get out there you feel like nothing can stop you, and you can just send it!!
If you didn’t ride motocross, what would you want to be doing?If I wasn't doing motocross I'd most likely be playing basketball !
Who do you have to thank for your skills in motocross? Over the last ten years I've been trainer with Rusty Holland, Club Mx, MotoX compound and GPF, I've learned a lot from these groups of good people. I've taken positive lessons from each trainer and training facility.
Who helps you the most in pursuing your motocross career? My mom definitely helps me the most pursue my motocross career!

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BTO Sports Amateur Team


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