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Carter Gordon

Carter Gordon


Age: 17    Hometown: Mattoon, IL    Number: 51    Favorite Track:Georgia Practice Facility (GPF)   
Class(s): 250A, 450A, 250 prosport   

First Race: Lincoln Trail Motorsports in 2005
First sponsorship received: A small dirtbike shop located in Illinois called Motofab when I was on 50s
First year on a motorcycle: I started riding off and on in 2005 and my first race was that summer.
Motocross idol: Cooper Webb is my favorite motocross rider because he rides confident, aggressive, and
smooth at the same time.
Favorite part about riding a motorcycle: My favorite part about riding is when your on the bike its very
stress free and your in your own little world, the only thing that matters is you and the bike you don’t have to worry about anything else.
Why are you passionate about motocross? I love everything about it, I do most of my own bike work and bike
maitnence so I take lots of in making my race bike and practice look top notch everyday. And for the racing side of it, nothing compaires to the adrenaline rush you get from sitting on that starting gate with 40 other riders I love everything about it.
If you didn’t ride motocross, what would you want to be doing? If I didn’t ride or race, I think I would be
a professional bass fisherman.
Who do you have to thank for your skills in motocross? Gary Bailey helped me with most of the on the bike
technique and I recently started training at GPF and Josh Woods has been helping me a lot as well.
Who helps you the most in pursuing your motocross career? My Uncle has helped me with most of my motocross career and is always helping me be the best I can be on and off the track.

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