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Jace Kessler

Jace Kessler


Age: 15    Hometown:Eagle Michigan    Number: 51    Favorite Track:Don’t really have a specific favorite
track, I enjoy all the tracks I ride. I would have fun riding any track as long as I’m riding!   
Class(s): Mini sr 2 (12-14), Supermini 1&2, schoolboy 1   

First Race: My first race was at a local track called Mooreland’s Raceway in Stanton, MI
where I won my very first race.
First sponsorship received: 100%
First year on a motorcycle: 3 years old
Motocross idol: Ricky Carmichael
Favorite part about riding a motorcycle: Just the competition from racing and the feeling when
you win there’s no better feeling than winning and Just the thrill that you get and everything about
riding a motorcycle is fun like the jumps, corners, hitting new lines could go on and on.
Why are you passionate about motocross? Because I get to do something that I love every single day,
I eat sleep and breath moto and I love the sport so much! there’s nothing like riding a dirt bike,
you have to ride one to know what I mean, just the thrill and the adrenaline and competition is awesome.
If you didn’t ride motocross, what would you want to be doing?Honestly if I didn’t ride motocross
I don’t know what I’d be doing, motocross is my whole life if I didn’t ride I would probably be doing
concrete with my dad for his business. which I hope I make it big because I don’t plan on doing concrete.
Who do you have to thank for your skills in motocross? Definitely my dad, he has taught me everything
I know! He used to race himself back in the day and was pretty fast. I remember he used to take the back
brake and the seat off my little Suzuki p-dub that I had to so I would learn how to use to use the front
brake and learn how to stand up. And I remember when I first got on 65s my dad would take me down
the dirt road so I would learn how to shift the bike. He has taught me so many things and even to this day
he is constantly on me showing me lines and critiquing my riding so I’m a better racer.
Who helps you the most in pursuing your motocross career? Both of my parents for sure, but mostly
my dad he’s the one who forks out all the money for my racing, the guy does so much for me and I can’t
thank him enough for everything he does for me. He is always making sure I got the best stuff out there,
and all the late nights in the garage working on my bikes making sure they are all ready to go and wrenching
on my bikes on the track and just all the money he spends to help me pursue my dream and get me to
where I need to be in my career. Also my mom she bought our first motorhome for racing and she is always
making food for me and making sure I have everything I need and she also goes to the gym with me, so I can’t thank her enough. I’m super stoked to have an awesome team like BTO behind me to help me in my racing career!

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