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Boyesen - Rad Valve

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    Boyesen - Rad Valve

    Increase performance and peak horsepower of your dirt bike with the Boyesen Rad Valve. Maximum power achieved through air intake, acceleration and distribution, the Rad Valve will turn any 2 stroke motorcycle into a factory racer. By refining the primary performance factors required to increase peak hosepower creates a new technological benchmark. 

    The all new RC2 series rad valve is designed to increase overall horsepower and throttle response on Yamaha YZ250/250X. KTM 65SX/85SX, Kawasaki KX85/100 and Husqvarna TC/TE/TX models. 

    All ow your engine to fulp more air, providing it with maximum airflow and giving you instant, explosive power the moment you open the thottle. The Boyesen Rad Valve gives you that factoy engine performance without breaking the bank.


    The Rad Valve Advantage:

    AERO OPTIMIZED INTERNAL SURFACING  - The Rad Valve is the ONLY air intake system available with aerodynamic internal surfacing.Integrated into the Rad Valve's seamless interior chamber are 4-way aerodynamic directional dividers that distribute the angled charge evenly without flow loss. Each channel has its own unique Power Profile, scientifically shaped to produce instant, explosive movements of air. The Result: Unparalleled performance.
    Internal precision surfacing treatment eliminates all hard edges that interrupt with the proper delivery of air and fuel. Because internal air turbulence is virtually non-existent, the proper air/fuel control is optimized for each make/model/year machine. This attention to the specific air and fuel requirements of each machine's engine gives the RC2 Series Rad Valve the ability to reach consistent peak horsepower gains, optimizing power delivery for each specific application.

    XCROSS DUAL CARBON WEAVE - Model-Specific variable tension reed petals.
    The Rad Valve's Multi-Staged reed petal stacks feature Aerospace carbon material interwoven into tension combinations that maximize power delivery and peak horsepower. Boyesen engineers specifically tune the carbon matrix tension using a proprietary weave formula that is tested and optimized for each make/model/year machine.
    fuel resistant reeds

    T2 EPOXY - The most durable materials. The most lifespan.
    The RC2 Series Rad Valve now features category-leading toughening additives to increase reed petal lifespan by resisting breakdown from damaging agents found in fuel. In addition to our proprietary T2 Epoxy, the Rad Valve now features rubber coated reed petals to ensure a long-lasting seal between the petals and the intake tract time and time again.
    multistage reeds

    MS PLUS FLOW OPTIMIZATION - One reed petal is NOT enough!
    The reed petals in modern 2 stroke offroad engines take an incredible amount of abuse! At peak RPM reed petals are opening and closing hundreds of times per second. Over time, a single reed loses its ability to regulate flow rates in proper proportions. This causes a loss of reed petal reaction and reduces the consistency of peak horsepower.

    Boyesen's race-proven MS PLUS Optimization uses multi-staged reed petals to distribute the engine’s pulse forces over more surface area. By using a multiple reed petal stack, it is possible to acheive peak horsepower AND durability. The patented multi-stage design incorporates a specially shaped top reed petal and a ported bottom reed petal. The top petal is lightweight and resilient for crisp throttle response at partial throttle or low RPMs. The stiffer, bottom petal is ported to provide maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPMs.



    • Helps deliver air with velocities over 500 mph
    • Power-channeled charge distributes unparalleled performance
    • Full spectrum power and throttle response
    • A true, bolt-on power boost