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4Arm Strong - 4Arm Device

Product Code: 4-arm-strong-4arm-device
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4Arm Strong - 4Arm Device

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4Arm Strong - 4Arm Device


Made from durable clear polycarbonate; 4-40 stainless steel and ultra-strong, lightweight 6061 Aluminum (used throughout the medical industry), the 4Arm Strong device is a patent-pending invention specifically designed to solve the issue of arm pump, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and other forearm and elbow overuse injuries, while significantly improving grip strength.


      With Legendary motocross trainer, Aldon Baker as a firm believer that the of 4Arm Strong is one fo the best tools a motocross racer can have. “The value of reducing arm pump speaks for itself, the value of increasing grip strength without resistance training is monumental!”


      The 4Arm Strong increases your control of the motorcycle by reducing arm pump, strengthens your grip and better hand/wrist function. The less tension the hands and wrist have, your entire body works with less tension. Arm pump is the result of too much blood is a confined are, and the 4Arm Strong allows anyone to stretch and expand the fascia. This increases the blood in the muscles without restriction. Effectively stretching the forearm muscles reduces thickness and also decreases pressure ,allowing you to ride in more control.


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