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Top 6D Helmets

6D helmets have risen to produce one of the most protective lids on the market.  This competitive organization strives to create the most protective and safe helmets for motocross riders and cyclists.  Professional riders reflect the same comfortability and safety  represented.  With athletes such as Malcom Stewart, Jimmy Decotis, Christian Craig and Jeremy Martin; these top athletes trust the same helmets that customers buy.  The goal at 6D helmets is to develop a revolutionary design concept utilizing creative, forward thinking technology that would change the market and improve the safety capabilities of the sport’s helmet.  The 6D helmet provides capabilities unmatched by any other helmet technology.  The engineers at 6D Helmets are transforming the helmet industry with their unique innovations and creative technology. The company is less than five years old, but is already making giant strides in helmet technology & protection. Their goal is to provide riders with superior helmets, both in terms of safety and design. This goal has been met with every new line of 6D dirt bike helmets since the company was founded in 2012.


The new 6D ATR 1 Carbon helmet is the top of the line.  Available in 3 color options, this helmet is stylish, sleek, and protective.  This helmet features emergency release cheek pads, roost guard, 8 intake ports, CoolMax anti-bacterial fabric, and a professionally engineered sternum pad.  This helmet also exceeds ECE. DOT, AU, and AC standards.  The best part, this 6D helmet only weighs 1520g. 


Additionally, there are more options of this helmet.  Instead of the carbon option, 6D provides composite version of this helmet as well.  The new ATR-1 Macro Helmet is further proof that 6D makes the most technologically advanced helmets on the market.  This helmet is also available in more colors options.   Sharing similar features to the carbon version, this helmet has outstanding performance.  Although slightly heavier than the carbon version at 1525g, this helmet is effective in safety. 


Also available is helmets for youth.  6D provides the same safety to youths and adolescents. This allows parents to protect their children with the same safety features as the professional riders.  Available at BTO sports, is the 6D ATR 1Y (youth) helmet.  This helmet comes with a 3 year warranty and includes the crash replacement/ rebuild program.  Wielding the same attention to detail as the professionals helmets, the youth helmets are just as safe. 


Not only does 6D produce motocross helmets, but their technology abundantly overflows into cycling.  Introducing 6D’s ATB 1T MTB helmet; this helmet comes with a 1-year warranty and contains safety features unparalleled.  Incorporating the same technology illustrated in the motocross helmet, the cycling helmet uses Omni-directional suspension. 


Furthermore, 6D provides extremely protective helmets.  Also included with these helmets is a 3 year warranty.  Just another signifier of how 6D cares about the protection of their customers.   These helmets incorporate technology to ensure the safety of customers; exactly the goal of 6D helmets.  Protect your head the right way; buy a 6D helmet at BTO Sports today.  

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