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Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (KTM)

Product Code: acerbis-lower-fork-guards-ktm
Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (KTM) Zoom

Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (KTM)

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Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (Kawasaki)

All Acerbis replica plastic has the original factory shape of the OEM plastic of each specific model. Sold as a pair.


The Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (KTM) are used by professional motocross teams that want the most protection for their motorcycles. The high quality manufacturing of the motocross Acerbis fork guards increases Acerbis – Lower Fork Guards (KTM) ability to provide you with the most adequate protection you may receive. These dirt bike Acerbis fork guards provide your forks with protection they need to minimize damages such as scratches, gouges that may potentially affect their ability to function. The quality injection molding from Italy guarantees these dirt bike Acerbis fork guards will protect your forks on the track or in the desert. Motocross Acerbis replica plastics are manufactured with the same shape and style of the OEM plastics for easy installation. The easy installation process allows you to quickly get back on the track with your friends while providing your forks with the upmost protection. Along with the factory OEM shaping, Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (KTM) are produced with a heavy duty plastic that will provide the most protection for your forks. By having strong and durable plastics whether its shrouds, fenders, chain guards or fenders will increase your ability to stay on the bike and out of the garage. These dirt bike Acerbis lower fork guards are sold as a pair, and come in various colors to maximize your ability to customize your motorcycle. The color scheme selection is available in orange, black, or white to keep your bike looking like a factory ride. These Acerbis – Lower Fork Guard (KTM) will allow your forks to last longer and function to their full potential by providing protection against rocks, dirt and roost.