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Acerbis X-Brake Front Disc Protector
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Acerbis - X Brake Front Disc Protector

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Acerbis - X Brake Front Disc Protector

The X-Brake, Acerbis’ newest front disc cover, provides unparalleled protection, strength, and good looks.
Designed to keep sticks, rocks, and other debris from damaging or becoming tangled in the front rotor.
  • Features ample venting to keep the brake cool in all conditions.
  • Extended coverage also provides protection to the brake caliper.
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene.
  •  **Mount will ONLY work on OEM hubs!! Will not work on Aftermarket hubs




Plastics are a crucial feature to keeping your motorcycle looking clean, aggressive, and most importantly protected. Whether you are in need of front or rear fenders, shrouds, or even smaller protective plastics like chain guards, brake guards, or skid plates, motocross Acerbis products have you covered. The high demand for protective parts on motorcycles is increasing because individuals are trying to save the life span of their parts. Dirt bike Acerbis products have been proven to provide exceptional protection with the durability that is inimitable. The Acerbis- X Brake Front Disc Protector may appear to be a simple product, but it provides immaculate protection for your front break. Uniquely manufactured with two different ventilation styles and various colors make the Acerbis- X Brake Front Disc Protector to be compatible with practically everyone’s style preferences. Features of the Acerbis- X Brake Front disc Protector consist of ample venting to enhance your front brake cooling ability, and an extended coverage to defend the brake caliper. These motocross Acerbis products are developed with a polypropylene that provides durability, longevity, and a customized appearance to your motorcycle. The Acerbis- X Brake Front Disc Protector is designed to combat rocks, roost, sticks and other debris that could potentially damage your front brake and decrease its ability to function at its maximum potential. Although this is an aftermarket dirt bike Acerbis product, it is not compatible with aftermarket hubs and will only fit on the OEM hubs!

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