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Acerbis - Uniko Handguards

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Acerbis - Uniko Handguards

Acerbis has been a leader in the market for motorcycle parts, products, and accessories and they are not slowing down. The Acerbis- Uniko Handguards have been a staple in the handguard market and the new ones are exceeding customer’s expectations. This dirt bike Acerbis accessory are some of the best on the market and go through rigorous testing by professional riders such as: Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and many more of the Acerbis athletes. Acerbis – Uniko Handguards have been uniquely designed to withstand roost, rocks, and anything the track or desert can throw at it. Acerbis – Uniko Handguards are lightweight and fit all standard bars. This motocross Acerbis accessory includes a nylon mounting bracket that that is equipped with threaded brass inserts to make installation quick and easy. Acerbis – Uniko Handguards have a ventilation system that is position at the top, bottom and side of the Acerbis- Uniko Handguard to allow for maximum airflow. If you are looking for a leading handguard that will protect your hands and knuckles on the most gruesome rides or cruises through the desert the Acerbis – Uniko Handguards are the way to go. If you are looking for a more ventilated motocross Acerbis handguard, try their sibling, the Acerbis - Vented Uniko Handguards. Both of these lightweight and durable dirt bike Acerbis accessories have been proven to protect your hands in some of the most demanding riding conditions.


  • Some of the best MX handguards on the market

  • Rigorously tested by pro riders including Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Michael Byrne, Nathan Ramsey and Mike Alessi

  • Designed to be lightweight and easy to mount

  • Fitted with threaded brass bolts, plastic mounting brackets included

  • Fits all standard bars


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