Twin Air Filter Only

Twin air is a company that produces a large magnitude of aftermarket products for dirt bikes, ATVs, and other off-road and on-road vehicles. Their air filters are trusted by one of the best and biggest names in the business, Mitch Payton.

 Twin Air Filters

Twin Air

Twin Air revolutionized the motocross world by developing and redefining the air filter used in off-road bikes and todays modern race bikes. Introduced in 1972, the specialized air filters, along with the oil that protected it and the engine, became a historic boost in our sport. Back in the day, 1947 era to be exact, the Dutch national motorcycle federation put together an off-road scramble with teams from Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Belgium and named it “moto-cross”. As the sport grew, bikes advanced, and riding progressed to unimaginable levels the technology could no longer keep up with the high demands of motocross. One of those demands was clean, filtered air.

Twin Air Filters

The Twin Air air filters revolutionized the world of motocross and began producing air filters and oils that would prevent water, dirt, grim, and other microscopic particles from enter the engine and destroying its fragile components. Back then, the air filters were a small, uncut piece of paper that would be useless after 30 minutes.

With an effective, durable, washable and reusable motocross part that would give riders the ultimate riding experience, Twin Air boosted into prosperity. Twin Air states “Twin Air filters and accessories have stayed ahead of the competition for half a century” and with the over 20 companies to back them up on why, there is no reason to dispute why this company remains the number 1 choice for professional race teams across the world.

Twin Air filters and the Pro Circuit race team have been together since the early 90’s and Mitch Payton has stated that ever since the race when their team rider James Dobb won the Unadilla national and was one of the few bikes that actually made it to the finish line thanks to the Twin Air filter, he simply won’t change. This team is one of the best race teams in the world and has won multiple championships throughout its success. If Mitch is putting the Twin Air filters in his professional race bikes, I suggest you do as well.

Types of Twin Air filters

Their foam air filters are designed with a coarse open-pore foam that enhances bike performance and eliminates dust, dirt and other miniscule debris from entering the engine. This blockage of particles gives your bike clean fresh air to convert into immediate power as their construction and design allows for maximum air flow. There are slightly smaller than the stock OEM air filters which increases air space and circulation, while also making them easier to work with and install.

Twin air has various types of air filters for the different styles of dirt bikes. You can either purchase a pre-oiled Dual stage air filter, or a standard air filter which requires you to use an oiling agent before installation. It is important to take great care of your air filters in return for taking care of your bike. After every ride, check the air filter and make sure it is clean and free of dust and grime. If it isn’t take out the air filter, wash with a cleaning solution designed for air filters (to ensure the longevity of your Twin Air filter and mitigate degrading) , let it dry completely and then oil it back up before putting it in your bike. Your dirt bike will thank you as doing this easy task is like giving a hyperventilating person an oxygen mask. If you have any questions, give us a call and we will be happy to help you!