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Alpinestars - Tech 10 Radiant Limited Edition Boot

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Alpinestars - Tech 10 Radiant Limited Edition Boot

Alpinestars has made a commitment to producing some of the best off and on-road racing gear on the market. They have established themselves as a world class company that produces protective gear for motocross racers, MotoGP racers, cyclists, and auto racers, and have built up a world renowned reputation while doing so. Their gear is known to be some of the best on the market in the motocross world and their boots are no different. Alpinestars produces a wide range of different boots in their tech series line, and the Tech 10s that they have created this year are the most technologically advanced motocross boot on the market. Tech 10s, the Alpinestars tech 10 radiant Limited edition boot to be exact, are a state of the art motocross boot that has been redefined over the years to be better than ever. This limited edition Tech 10 radiant boot has a sick new color scheme to kick off the 2016/2017 Supercross season. This is a limited edition motocross boot that Alpinestars made strictly for A1 to give their riders a new flashy boot to kickstart the season.


These Alpinestars Tech 10 Radiant limited edition boot feature all of the features as their other Tech 10s such as: the one piece co-injected foot chassis that is constructed from 5 different polymers for increased strength, flexibility, and structural integrity, the full grain leather upper that incorporates a lightweight microfiber and an impact and abrasion resistant TPU Shell, and of course the built in inner ankle brace system. This innovative biomechanical inner ankle brace is engineered to protect your leg and ankle from torsional forces that may leave you with a season ending injury. The ankle brace is constructed with medial and lateral “C” torsion bars that control ankle and leg rotation without hindering your freedom of motion or range of movement. The Tech 10 motocross boots from Alpinestars has so many features that it is unreal! Alpinestars went above and beyond with their Tech 10 and have finally made them with a vibrant, eye-popping color scheme to get riders and racers stoked for A1!

Alpinestars Tech 10 Radiant LE Boot Features:

  • Dual compound sole and multi-density foot base for superior durability, support, grip and feel.
  • New buckle closure system made with high-impact aluminum bridges.
  • Soft microfiber gaiter to seal out water and dirt.
  • Inner Biomechanical ankle brace system with torsion bars to protect the ankle and leg from torsional forces. 

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