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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Alpinestars - Tech 10 Torch Limited Edition Boot

Product Code: alpinestars-tech-10-torch-limited-edition-boot

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Alpinestars - Tech 10 Torch Limited Edition Boot

Are you looking for a new motocross boot to rock this riding season? Check out the new Alpinestars tech 10 Torch limited edition boot that is designed specifically to kick off A2 this 2017 Supercross season! These boots are only going to be available for a limited time so make sure you don’t miss out on this world class motocross boot. Alpinestars has been in business since 1963, but they did not start making motocross boots and protective gear until a couple years after that. After producing the revolutionary motocross boot, Alpinestars erupted into the motocross industry and caught the attention of motocross legend, Rodger Decoster, who became the companies first brand ambassador and sponsored athlete.


Alpinestars has since then developed and redefined the ways motocross boots are made, looked at, and function. Alpinestars has a unique line of dirt bike boots that are some of the best in the world, and the Tech series of motocross boots that they have developed are some of the most demanded boots in the industry. Tech series of boots don’t only deliver the rider with protection and comfort, they bring confidence to the rider as they know that are wearing some of the best boots for motocross riding in the world. Alpinestars takes pride in the accomplishments they have made and the advancement of their riding boots and the Tech 10 Torch limited edition motocross boot is no different.


This motocross boot has a unique color scheme that is vibrant and will catch the attention of everyone. Although they may have a different color scheme the most boots they have manufactured, these tech 10 Torch limited edition boots have the same state of the art features and technological advancements as the others. These tech 10 torch boots are equipped with the inner ankle brace system, dual compound and multi- density soles, and everything that makes the Tech 10’s one of the most demanded motocross boot on the market. These boots are CE certified thanks to the protective impact and abrasion resistant TPU Shell, the shin TPU Blade system that prevents frontal hyperextension and the calf and heel protector that guard against rear hyperextensions, and the lateral and medial flex zones to provide front and rear flexion support and helps mitigate torsional injuries to your ankle. These boots are only available for a limited time so shop here at BTO Sports for these new Alpinestars limited edition Tech 10 Torch A2 boots!

Alpinestars Tech 10 Torch Limited Edition Boot Features:

  • One piece co-injected foot chassis made from 5 different polymers for strength, flexibility, and structural integrity.
  • Full grain leather upper and lightweight microfiber, and impact and abrasion resistant TPU Shell.
  • Biomechanicall inner ankle brace to protect your ankle and leg from torsional injuries.
  • CE Certified.
  • Shin/Calf/Heel TPU Blade system to mitigate rear and frontal hyperextensions.

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