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Bell - Moto-9 Carbon Flex Monster / Pro Circuit Helmet Zoom

Bell - Moto-9 Carbon Flex Monster / Pro Circuit Helmet

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Bell - Moto-9 Carbon Flex Monster/Pro Circuit Replica Helmet 2017 

The Bell Moto-9 is one of Bell's most advanced flagship helmets that has all across-the-board protection. With innovations like the first of it's kind three-layer-technology, which dramatically reduces rotational energy to the head upon impact, it's one of the the most state-of-the-art helmets on the market. The 3-layer "Progressive Layering Technology" system consists of  (EPO) Expanded Polyolefin, traditional (EPS) Expanded Polystyrene and (EPP) Expanded Polypropylene, which all works hand-in-hand to give you ultimate head protection.

The Moto-9 Carbon Flex is built with the highest quality materials, and designed with performance in mind, making this helmet the pinnacle of dirt bike helmet design. A lightweight composite carbon shell with a velocity flow ventilation system houses one of the strongest, most comfortable helmets on the market. Bell teams up with one of the most well-known brands in motocross with this new Pro Circuit Monster Helmet. This new helmet is hands-down, a winning combination of durability and performance. 




  • Progressive layering – A first-of-its kind, three-layer impact liner designed to manage energy from three potential impact scenarios: low, mid and high-speed.
  • Adaptive fit – Segmented construction, automatically conforming to a rider’s head for a better fit and more predictable energy management.
  • Rotational energy management – A "slip zone" within the impact liner allows for subtle movement between the inner layers and works to reduce rotational energy transfer from angular impacts.
  • Ventilation – With the new segmented and flexible liner in the Moto-9 Flex, Bell was able to add to the proven Velocity Flow Ventilation system to make an even cooler helmet.
  • Lightweight Composite Carbon shell.
  • Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor™ with air intake vents.
  • Removable/washable X-Static® XT2 silver liner.
  • Extended Wear™ interior.
  • Exclusive Magnefusion™ Emergency Removal System (MERS) cheekpads.
  • QuickFlip™ visor screws for easy adjustment even with gloves on.
  • Fully ventilated EPS-lined chinbar.
  • Integrated vented roost guard.
  • New and Improved Exclusive Magnefusion™ magnetic strap keeper.
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure.
  • Padded, lined helmet bay included.
  • Industry-leading Five-year warranty.
  • Snell M2015 and DOT approved.
  • For proper fit and size measure the circumference of your head 1" above your eyebrows and around the largest portion of the back of your head.

21 1/4" - 21 5/8"------- X-Small

21 5/8" - 22"---------- Small

22 3/8" - 22 3/4"------- Medium

22 3/4" - 23 1/4"------- Large

23 3/8" - 24"----------- X-Large

24 1/2" - 24 3/8" ------ XX-Large


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