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Bell MX-9 Helmets

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Bell MX-9 Helmet

Bell MX-9 Helmets

Bell MX-9 Helmets are the mainstays of the Bell line of motocross helmets. Featuring the right features for the average rider, this helmet has a great price point that everyone is happy with. Stuffed full of features, the Bell MX-9 Helmet is understandably a favorite by many racers at all levels. Bell made sure to find a tier for everyone, and they have done just that with this offering. Using their experience in creating many different lines and tiers in the motorcycle helmet plane, Bell has found the perfect niche for helmets such as the Bell MX-9 Helmet. A menagerie of designs is found in this line of helmets. There is something for everyone, when it comes to the MX-9. Bell understands that that motocross industry and the street bike industry are vastly different, and this shows in how they have styled their helmets. Considering that dirt is not where Bell began producing their products, they have dedicated a multitude of people to work on their dirt bike helmets. The Bell MX-9 Helmet is a great example of how Bell understands what the industry needs and then delivering it. Bell and dirt is a match, and they will stay together for a long time.

The Bell MX-9 Pro Circuit helmet seems to be the most popular dirt bike helmet out of the MX-9 collection. You might not think that would be the case because this helmet is slightly more expensive, but the extra $10 does not stop shoppers from purchasing this killer looking Monster Energy MX-9 helmet from Bell. Next on the popularity list would come the MX-9 Scrub helmet. This helmet will get your creative juices flowing and match almost any style of gear. Once you start looking at the other helmets after these top two popularity winners you get a mix of the MX-9 Blockade and then the Barricade. These four helmets make up the whole dirt bike helmet MX-9 collection from Bell. All riders out there who love the Bell brand were very thankful for the release of the MX-9 helmets. These helmets don’t kill your pocket book, but still over the high quality manufacturing that you get from Bell.

Because Bell saw the opportunity not only in the dirt bike helmet market but also in the adventure / off road helmet market as well, they built out a whole line of MX-9 Adventure helmets. These adventure style helmets look so sweet if you ask us, and with that price point of $200 it is hard to beat. Now something to also keep in mind is that we here at BTO Sports will always ship any MX-9 helmet with free 1-3 day air shipping. We do this because we want you to get your helmet as speedy as possible. We know you are excited and so would we if we had a MX-9 helmet on the way.

Bell MX-9 Helmet Features

Bell MX-9 Helmet Features

Some of the best features on these wicked MX-9 helmet are its light weight polycarbonate shell. The super lightweight shell helps reduce the riders neck fatigue allowing the rider to ride much longer and harder. The helmet also has another feature that we really thing is valuable and plays along with the lightweight shell, and that is the 3 different shell and EPS sizes. Having more shell and EPS size options allow for the helmet to sit on the riders head with more size proportion. You don’t want a little guy or teen rocking a massive size shelled helmet that looks like it belongs on the body of a full grown adult. Allowing the helmet to be more proportionate on the rider is a huge benefit. This helmet also has a great amount of airflow pumping through the helmet while you are out riding. It has a ventilation system that aligns the air intake vents with the helmet liner and back out the exhaust vents. This system allows for maximum air flow through the helmet. The liner is of coarse moisture wicking and washable, so after a long sweaty day of riding you can just take that liner out give it a wash, and your helmet is smelling like fresh spring air. Wrapping up these MX-9 helmet features would be the DOT approved and last but the most important is the industry leading five-year warranty.


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