Bell SX-1 Helmets

The Bell SX-1 Helmet is one of the best introductory helmets on the market. With a price that cannot be beat, and a large set of features that cannot be topped, Bell has come up with a helmet that cannot be stopped. Bell has a rich history in the protection industry, and it shows in this foray into dirtbike helmets. Continuing in its storied roots in protection across virtually all industries, Bell has done it again with the Bell SX-1 Helmet. One of the most eye-popping features that this helmet has is not on the helmet itself, but with the price. At this price point, you would never find a helmet with this many protective features. It is so cheap, many riders have multiple, so that they have one for any occasion. The Bell SX-1 Helmet, although cheap, does not slouch in the features department. Soft lining and a hard shell that is battle-tested by every rider, Bell developed this helmet to have a basic feel that includes almost all the safety features you could ever hope for in an introductory helmet. Durability is always there, while performance is solid in this line of helmets. The Bell SX-1 Helmet is a solid fit for anyone’s stable of gear.