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Clutch Components

Dirt Bike Clutch Components

Dirt bike clutch components are on sale at a great discounted price! Check out our low prices on clutch components today and get back on the bike in no time! We have great 3 day shipping on orders over 85 US dollars and these parts are well over that, so you can guarantee you will receive these parts quickly!


Dirt Bike Clutch Components

We carry top names like Hinson racing and Pro Circuit, as well as other brands, clutch components and parts such as: springs, baskets, pressure plates, and full rebuild kits. The best bang for your buck purchase for the clutch products is the Hinson Racing complete clutch rebuild kit. This kit comes with everything you need to rebuild your clutch and all of these clutch components are made from billet t6 aircraft grade aluminum. These parts are reliable, durable, and have been proven day in and day out to be some of the best clutch rebuild kits on the market. Factory race teams use and rely on Hinson Racing to get their riders to the finish line and with endless hours of testing on the track, these clutch kits have proven themselves worthy.

If you do not need the full rebuild kit, the Hinson Racing clutch baskets and pressure plates are available to be purchased separately. They are currently on sale and ready to get installed on a race bike to help you achieve that number 1 plate! These products are also made from t6 billet aluminum which increase their ability to dissipate heat, improve the life span of your clutch, and trusted by factory race teams to get the job done

Other Clutch Components

Hinson also makes clutch spring kits for various types of dirt bikes. These clutch springs are on sale for a great low price and are race proven by some of the best factory race teams around the world. The springs are manufactured from high temp steel and are incredibly resistant to losing their strength due to high heat temps, especially the high temps of the modern day 4 strokes. These clutch components are able to be used with your stock clutch, as well as any type of Hinson clutch component.

We have other clutch kits from various companies like Barnett, KG Clutch factory, and Pro Circuit. These parts are perfect buys for people who love working on their own bike and are in need of a new clutch! BTO Sports strives to provide you with the best motocross parts and accessories on the market to keep you riding at your full potential. Bike Performance is crucial when you are trying to race on the weekends and test your bike to get the perfect setup before the weekend and BTO understands that. If you have any questions regard clutch components, give us a call and we will be happy to help you with all your questions!

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