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No single after-market purchase can dramatically affect your bike’s speed and performance like a new performance motorcycle exhaust. By investing in a new motorcycle exhaust, you really are turning your recreational dirt bike into a bona fide racing machine. But why not protect that investment with heat and insulation products from Design Engineering Inc.?

Design Engineering Inc.

There are many motorcycle exhaust systems to choose from here at BTO Sports, and we have the selection and staff to help you choose the correct motorcycle exhaust for your particular needs. And DEI can help you keep that exhaust purring like a kitten by keeping it at optimal riding/racing temperatures. Best of all, we can do so with your exact budgetary needs in mind as well!

Let’s give you a brief look at one of the most popular companies on our site, DEI. You will learn quickly the difference between a performance motorcycle exhaust system protected by DEI products, and what you are currently using on your stock dirt bike. The choice will be crystal clear!

The Design Engineering Inc. Story

Design Engineering, Inc. is one of the foremost suppliers of thermal tuning product featuring products for racers, street performance enthusiasts, and hobbyists alike. In addition to supplying the performance aftermarket with thermal tuning products, Design Engineering serves the needs of the powersports, marine, industrial and commercial industry markets the world over.

Design Engineering has now entered its second decade of business, and to keep pace with their growth, a new larger facility was acquired offering four acres for future expansion. Immediately upon relocating, major renovation projects to both the exterior and interior began. Manufacturing and warehouse operations were expanded and a state-of-the-art Research and Development department was added as well as additional office space. These facility improvements have expanded DEI’s manufacturing capabilities, widened warehouse space for increased on-the-shelf inventory, and increased their ability to react quickly to customer requests without skipping a beat. DEI is now poised to easily handle additional growth and more customer demand.

Design Engineering Inc.’s innovation continues to be recognized by industry peers. In 2003 Design Engineering was honored with the Best New Performance-Racing Product award from SEMA in recognition of outstanding and innovative design achievement for the introduction of our cryogenic intake system — CryO2™. Design Engineering will continue to explore areas and methods of identifying new product opportunities and manufacturing processes to rapidly bring new products to the market.

And DEI is just one of the many companies that can upgrade your heat shield and/or insulation systems- available right here at BTO Sports. It bears repeating- No single after-market purchase can dramatically affect your bike’s speed and performance like a new performance motorcycle exhaust. But keeping that exhaust tuned and at the right temps is just as pertinent! Get yourself a top-end motorcycle exhaust today, and then let DEI’s products protect them. Only then will you truly feel the difference!

To be sure, there are a thousand ways to improve the look, feel and performance of your dirt bike, street bike or ATV. But with each case, the addition of a quality DEI thermal protection will undoubtedly give you the biggest boost in horsepower and overall performance. The uptick in speed you will enjoy with a powerful motorcycle exhaust can forever change the way you ride- and we here at BTO Sports can’t recommend this purchase with more vigor. Happy riding!