DRC Hardwear Motocross Gear

DRC Hardwear Motocross Gear, DRC Hardwear Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories

DRC is a branded product that is manufactured by Dirt Freak. Dirt Freak was started back in 2003 in Japan to develop products for dirt bikes that are superior quality to ensure riders are getting high end, race ready performance parts. Dirt Freak has branded products like DRC, Zeta, and Motion and are currently selling them in over 40 countries and keep quality at the top of their importance chart.


DRC Tools and Accesories

BTO Sports has DRC hardware parts available for our customers such as: the DRC tire gauge, DRC air fork shock pump, the Digital DRC air fork pump, and the DRC Pro Spoke Wrench. These are some of the essential accessories to have in your bag of goodies whether you are going to hit the track for a day or spend a weekend in the desert, you are always going to, and should, check tire pressure and your spokes. The DRC air fork pumps pertain to riders who have a dirt bike with air forks on them. Although the air forks are a great new innovation to the motocross world they require handfuls of maintenance to ensure you have the proper air pressure in your forks and the pressure should be check regularly in between each moto and before after every ride.

DRC Pressure Gauge

DRC accessories can be used for motocross as well as Mountain Bikes. The tire pressure gauge is small, compact, and incredibly easy to use. This DRC tire pressure gauge is capable of reaching 58 psi and comes equipped with a micro adjust button that allows for sensitive are release. This addition to the DRC tire gauge makes reducing the air in your tires easier and you will be able to adjust your pressure with pinpoint accuracy.

DRC Air Fork Pumps

The DRC air fork pumps come in two different versions, the standard analog face and a digital face. The analog air fork pump by DRC comes with a swivel hose to make pumping up your forks easier than ever. Along with that, this a newly designed air pump that it is designed specifically for suspension that comes equipped a special gauge for accurate air pressure readings in your suspension, a high air volume pressure pump, and a micro adjust button so you can adjust your air pressure with pin point accuracy. Topping off the DRC air pump is the anti-air leak design on the air valve to prevent are from seeping out when you remove the air valve attachment after you have reached your desired air pressure. The DRC digital air shock pump comes with those features along with a pressure unit that can be switched between PSI, Bar, KG and cm2 so riders all across the world can get an accurate reading regardless of the units of pressure. This pump is also made from A6063 aluminum alloy to give it that shiny factory finish.

DRC Spoke Wrench

Lastly, the Spoke Wrench is a must have tool for every motocross and bicycle rider. There is nothing worse than riding with loose spokes as the end result can be you lying in the hospital. Spokes keep your wheels spinning, obviously, so make sure you check them before and after every rider with the DRC pro Spoke wrench. This classy CNC machined spoke wrench is made from 7075A aluminum and designed with heat treated steel to increase its durability. Granted, you shouldn’t have much problems with any spoke wrench, but knowing you have a high quality spoke wrench that can handle its own just makes you feel better. This wrench also has interchangeable tips that allow it to fit 8 different sizes of spoke nipples so motocross riders and mountain bike riders alike can use this product.

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