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Fastway Motocross Gear

BTO Sports has the best selection of Fastway motocross parts available online. For us, it's a matter of pride that we offer the top Fastway motocross parts, accessories, and products to riders at all levels from all over the world. Serious pro riders and weekend warriors can all save tons of money with our sales and deals on Fastway dirt bike parts. With this huge range of popular Fastway motocross parts in stock, you can feel confident about finding just what you have been searching for. Our extensive line of high performance Fastway motocross parts optimize the on and off track experience of every rider. Fastway products are designed to make even everyday riding more convenient, enjoyable, and efficient. Check out our selection of Fastway motocross parts right now.

Fastway linkage guards

Why replace your stock link arms with the Fastway adjustable linkage guard? So many reasons. Fastway linkage guards provide protection and adjustability. The Fastway linkage guard protects the bike's lower shock knuckle from damage caused by rocks and other debris. These linkages also allow you to lower the height of your seat by as much as ¾ inch; there are four different height adjustments possible thanks to the included offset bushings (stock, .6mm, 1.3mm and 2mm). Depending on which bushings are used, you'll experience differences in seat height, the way the suspension stroke feels, and how your bike handles corners. These also help you stay flat as you handle the rollers and whoops. Finally, the Fastway linkage guard improves your over-obstacle traction.

Fastway footpegs

You wouldn't want to race without holding onto the handlebars; similarly, footpegs help your feet stay in place. Fastway footpegs also offer you more protection and added comfort along with the serious extra grip you've purchased them for in the first place. An added bonus is the reduced mud retention and easier cleaning. Fastway footpegs are longer than stock footpegs, giving you better stability and optimal control. Their texture grips your boot and provides protection against slipping and accidents. For serious riders who want to stay moving, Fastway footpegs are a crucial upgrade. Shop our selection of Fastway motocross parts and accessories today. We are here to answer your questions, so don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

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