Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmets

Fly F2 Carbon

The Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet is the premier helmet amongst the other Fly Racing Helmets. Fly Racing has always been the serious racer’s motocross brand, and that doesn’t change when it comes to dirt bike helmets. This premium helmet use of the highest quality materials in order to make one of the safest and most performance oriented motocross helmet out there.

Fly F2 Carbon Helmet

Fly Racing Helmets

Fly Racing has always been well respected by racers the world over, including countries such as Germany, France, The United States, and Spain. Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmets include a bevy of features, including materials that can be popularly found in bulletproof vests and aircrafts. The shell of the helmet is made up of a combination of Kevlar composite and woven carbon fiber. These high-end materials work in conjunction with each other in order to create one of the strongest shells on the market. Although, Fly Racing Helmets have always been strong, this shell composite takes the cake. Not only is this new concoction of high-grade materials strong, it is also extremely light.

Fly F2 Carbon technology

While some motocross helmet companies say they have the best protection system in their helmets, Fly Racing lets the helmet do the talking for them. Put through various amounts of rigorous tests in labs and created from some of the greatest minds in the industry, Fly Racing has brought a whole new protection system to table for their F2 Carbon Helmets. Some of these Fly Helmets are equipped with MIPS technology which is a Multi-directional Impact Protection system designed to decrease the stress levels that are transferred to the brain during the unfortunate event of a crash.

The MIPS system works by allowing the helmet to slide in directions relative to the head. By designing a protection system that enables the helmet to do so, we are able to increases protection against rotational violence to the brain that is caused due to angled impacts. These types of impacts are found in various sports which are a main reason as to why the MIPS Protection technology is being integrated into not only motocross, but handfuls of other action sports. Fly Racing and many other companies are integrating this system into their newer line of helmets to help increase our chances of riding in the future. Fly F2 helmets are some of the best on the market and other companies are beginning to realize this revolutionary technological integration that is occurring amongst Fly Racing helmets.

Fly Helmets Features

While dirt bike helmet safety starts at the shell, Fly Racing also hooks you up with an incredible interior. In 2016, Fly has come up with a dual density EPS Liner system. One layer is soft, while the other is hard. This helps the helmet have progressive impact absorption, making it ready for different levels of impact. In dirt bike helmets, there are many instances where comfort meets performance. The Advent of air intake and exhaust vents, help you keep cool, which lets you ride longer and harder. The Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet introduces 11 intake and 4 exhaust vents to the mix, creates massive airflow.

Fly F2 Carbon Helmets

Last, but not least, many of these Fly Helmets include luxuriously appointed interiors, that many other dirt bike helmets just don’t have. Easily removable and washable, the cheek pads and comfort lines are soft and are themselves ventilated, keeping your face cooler than other competing helmets. The Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmets are among the top of the heap in all facets of dirt bike helmet and safety.

These are only a few qualities that this helmet exhibits. All Fly Racing Helmets are extremely versatile and beautifully crafted. BTO Sports has the largest selection of quality helmets out there. The Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet is one of the most heavily sought after helmets on the site. Be sure to check out www.btosports.com for the lowest prices, on the highest quality dirt bike helmets. We always have some on sale or on clearance, so be sure to check our updates daily.