Fly Racing Kinetic Helmets

Fly Racing Kinetic Helmets

Fly Racing Kinetic Helmets are some of the most versatile helmets on the market. Not many people know that this helmet has the ability to be completely transformed into a cold weather helmet with just the addition of a breath guard. Fly Racing helmets are some of the most trusted on the market and it’s easy to see why. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are both parts of Fly’s calling card.

New Fly Racing Kinetic Helmets for 2016 include the Fly Racing Kinetic Fullspeed Helmet, and the Fly Racing Kinetic Pro Rockstar Helmet. However, do not worry, the classic Fly Racing Kinetic Pro Trey Canard Helmet and Fly Racing Kinetic Pro Andrew Short Helmet are still available and are still hugely popular among dirt bike riders everywhere.

Both classic and modern designs adorn these helmets in colorways that would catch eyes from the crowd. Fly Racing Kinetic Helmets are some of the best graphically designed helmets on the market today. Fly Racing employs hordes of designers, bot graphical and craft, in order to create some of the most iconic helmets in the dirt bike world.

Technical aspects of these helmets are the best at this level. They all of course meet or exceed all the toughest safety standards in the helmet market. Fly Racing’s famous poly-alloy shell is built using a combination of extra strong poly materials that work together to make a light yet extremely durable shell. Not only is the outer layer an incredible defense against impacts, the inside of the helmet offers a dual density EPS liner that has two layers of EPS liners that are of different densities that work in symphony with each other in order to protect you at varying speeds by absorbing different impact levels progressively.

Fly Racing Kinetic Helmets also incorporate the most air flow in the game. These helmets are stuffed with 10 giant air vents that are lined with Expanded Polystrene channels to provide an even larger v9olume of air than expected. These air vents keep you cool, while exterminating heat that builds up. This keeps you riding harder and longer, which is an incredible increase in performance. Not only does the helmet itself have numerous options for the flowing of air, even the mouthpiece has been designed to have great air-flow as well.

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