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Fox Racing Boots 2016 Motocross Motocross Boots

Fox Racing Boots 2016 Dirt Bike Motocross Boots

Fox Racing Boots 2016


Fox Racing Boots for the 2016 Season have been incredible. The Fox head has exhibited some of the most interesting colorways out there for motocross boots. There is no reason to have motocross riding boots that are monotonous and boring. From Black and Orange, to Pink, Fox Racing has dabbled in motocross boots that work to grab attention. Twist that throttle in style with Fox’s new 2016 dirt bike boots.

Fox Racing’s main motocross boot lines are the Fox Comp 5 Boot, the Fox Comp 8 Boot, and the Fox Instinct Boot. These are all boots that cover the entire spectrum of dirt bike rider types. Fox Racing has identified, and executed perfectly, the types of gear lines needed for all kinds of dirt bike riders. If there is anyone that knows dirt bike riding, it is Fox. They have been around since 1974 and that kind of experience is valuable.

The Fox Comp 5 Boot is Fox’s entry level boot, coming in at an exceptionally good price point. Fox Racing has always been about taking care of the dirt bike rider from head to toe. In this case its toe. The Fox Comp 5 Boot is everything you could ask for for a boot of this type. Protection, performance, and comfort are the main traits every boot should strive to improve upon and this Boot has shown that Fox Racing’s dedication to motocross is extensive.

The Fox Comp 8 Boot is at a middle tier that sits between entry level and high-end. This boot has everything you need and more in this level of boot. Expert stitching and protection play a large role in keeping this boot as popular as it has been over the years with minor tweaks. This motocross boot is perfect for any type of dirt bike rider. From the beginner looking to take it slow, or the professionals that want to ride outside of a race, this boot is one of the most versatile motocross boots on the market. Fox Racing has a winner on their hands with the comp 8 boot for sure.

Fox Instincts are the best of the best. Although they are the most expensive boots on the market, they are definitely worth it if you are at all serious about motocross. These boots are extremely comfortable and battler everything, from turned ankles to toe blisters. This Fox Racing Boot handles it all. These motocross boots come in a variety of colors, including limited edition colors as well. Strengthened buckles and heels are what this boot is all about. Strong soles and heat resistant sides help your boot keep you together at any twist of the throttle.


Bottom line is, head to BTO Sports for all your Fox Racing Boots needs. We have the newest boots, and the most popular boots that are either on sale or on clearance. We have all the colors and sizes available from Fox Head, so you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to dirt bike riding boots.

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