Fox Racing Instinct Boots

Fox Instinct boots are the top of the motocross boot food chain. You will arguably not find a better boot in the world when it comes off road. These Instinct boot can be seen being worn by top riders like Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey. The best riders in the world would not wear just any dirt bike boot, they will only wear the best.

Instinct Boots

Instinct Boots

A really cool thing that fox does with their Instinct Boots is, each year they will release many different limited edition colors ways. These Instinct’s tend to sell out pretty fast, of course that is if the color way is good looking, so it is important to keep an ear and eye out for the limited edition color ways if you want something you won’t see at the track. One of the coolest instinct boots we have seen would have to had been the Foxborough limited editions. These boots were able to glow in the dark. Not saying that every rides at night, because we know they don’t. But the fact that Fox Racing has produced these Instinct boots that have this capability is super exciting. We are excited to see what Fox can think of next.


Insole: The foot bed has almost zero break in time and feels a lot like a running shoe.

Midsole: The midsole is polyurethane material supported with a steel shank to help handle the impact that comes from riding.

Outsole: Is formed from the Fox’s patented Duratac rubber and allows for great grip on the bike.

Buckles: Are fully redesigned and offer a pivoting clasp system, which allows for an effortless closer system.

Ride Control Interface: Is referred to the outside of the boot, and allows for great feel of the bike.

Low Ride Chassis: This allows the riders foot to be as close to the foot pegs as possible while still allowing great protection.

Full Response Engineering: This provides the instinct boots with a controlled range of motion, while still prohibiting hyper extension.