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Fox Racing - 2019 180 Czar Jersey, Pant Combo

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180 Czar Jersey

The Fox 180 Czar Jersey may be an entry-level motocross jersey, but the only thing “entry level” about it is the price tag. Fox Racing has provided riders with a top of the line jersey to help them get one step closer to the top of the podium. Unlike other jerseys marked within this price range, the Fox 180 Jersey has a unique ventilation system that increases airflow more than ever. You will have no problem staying nice and cool on hot summer ride days! The ventilation system that Fox equipped this 180 jersey with is located on the side panels to enhance the airflow to unparalleled levels!

The 2019 Fox 180 Jersey is also constructed with a moisture-wicking polyester material in the main body of the fabric to help mitigate sweat build-up throughout your ride. Because there's nothing worse than being hot and sweaty during your moto! So minimize that as much as possible with the 180 Jersey. Premium quality at an amazing price... that's the 180 Series race wear.

180 Jersey Features:

  • Moisture-Wicking Polyester Main Body Fabric Keeps You Cool & Dry
  • Vented Side Panels For Enhanced Airflow
  • Light Mesh Collar & Cuff Design for a Comfortable, Unrestricted Fit
  • Sublimated Graphics for Fade-Free Colors...For the Life of the Jersey
  • Drop Tail Keeps Jersey Tucked In Pants

180 Czar Pant

The 2019 180 Czar Pants from Fox Racing are designed for comfort and performance... and at an affordable price. That's right- the best of both worlds. With a top tier company producing high quality motocross gear for riders of all ages and skill levels, you can guarantee that these new Fox Racing 180 Pants will get the job done day in and day out. Fox has constructed these 180 MX Pants with a RAP (rider attack position) design that provides you with a precise fit on the bike.

This innovative construction technique removes the excess bulk that's often found in other MX pants. Why? To give you the comfort and performance you've wanted all along. These Fox 180 Pants are strong! Tough enough to handle the brutalities of motocross. This is because they are made with 600D Polyester fabric throughout. And flexibility is a non-issue here as well- the stretch panels in the knees, rear yoke, and crotch areas give you the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Keep your eye on the winner's circle with the new 2019 Fox Racing 180 Pants. Grab a pair today and see if your order qualifies for FREE 3-day Shipping.

180 Pant Features:

  • RAP (Rider Attack Position) Construction for a Precise Fit. Critical!
  • Durable 600d Polyester Main Body Construction | Bold New Colors
  • Heat & Abrasion-Resistant Leather Knee Panels | Sublimated Graphics
  • Woven 4-Way Stretch Panels @ Knee, Rear Yoke & Crotch

Dirtpaw Czar Glove

That's right, the Dirtpaw Glove from Fox Racing returns again! Newly designed and featuring a bevvy of colors for 2019, this motocross legend is ready to get you to the podium. And at a price that's right for those on a budget! Check out what this new Dirtpaw Czar Glove has to offer- you will not be disappointed. Obviously, it's the perfect complement to the new 180 Czar Race Wear! Fox Racing's Dirtpaw motocross gloves deliver once more- so get involved!

Dirtpaw Czar Glove Features:

  • Stretch Polyester Construction
  • Conductive Fabric - Works w/Touch Screen Devices!
  • Silicone Print @ Fingertips for Added Lever Grip
  • Compression Molded Neoprene Cuff | Hook & Loop Wrist Closure
  • Padded Neoprene Knuckle Coverage
  • Killer Screen Printed Graphics