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Fox V4 Helmets

Best Prices and Selection on Fox Racing V4 Helmets

Fox V4 Helmets are the best of the best. Made from the highest quality materials to instill the best performance in racers at the highest level, these helmets are the Bentleys of the dirt bike helmet world. These are the highest end helmets that Fox has to offer. Decked out in all the bells and whistles that make sense in the motocross helmet market today, Fox V4 Helmets have no comparison. Fox V4 Helmets are all made with the brand new MIPS technology, which stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This is a brand new safety feature that resembles the crumple zone crash feature in some cars. While the shell is carbon fiber, the inside features the MIPS system, which allows for the force of an impact to crumple and distribute around the impact area, instead of concentrating it all in one spot at the highest velocity. Distributing the velocity across the helmet allows for the force against your head to be minimized. This greatly reduces chances of concussions and other similar catastrophes. In the world of motocross, crashes cannot be helped. Every rider has crashed in multiple times in their lives, so everyone is always at risk of concussions. Fox V4 Helmets exhibits the usefulness of this leading technological improvement in helmets and showcases what the future of helmet safety can look like. These features come in all kinds of colors and styles. From the limited edition Fox V4 Libra LE Helmet, to the Fox V4 Race Helmet, the Fox V4 Carbon Reveal Helmet, and the classic Fox V4 Matte Carbon Helmet, Fox has unleashed this technology across all their newest helmets released. One of the worst things to do is gambling on your safety. Fox has poured in tons of research into the MIPS technology so that you can take advantage of it in the interest of your own safety. Fox V4 Helmets are the absolute safest and technologically advanced helmet on the market. The future is now, so pick up your Fox V4 Helmet today!

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