Fuel Mods

Dirt Bike Fuel Mods

BTO Sports has fuel mods that are currently on sale. These fuel mods are an easy way to make adjustments to your engine setup, and give riders the opportunity to tune their fuel flow with the touch of a button. There are plenty of different fuel mods to choose from so check them out, read the descriptions and find out which one is best for you.


Dirt Bike Fuel Mods

Fuel mods are an easy to setup and adjust your engine performance and fuel flow as you modify your dirt bike with cams, exhaust systems, high compression pistons, and other aftermarket accessories used to improve the performance of your motorcycle. A few of them which are on sale are the FMF power Programmer, the Wiseco fuel management controller, and the GET power ECU. These are all great fuel mods and programmers that will help finely tune your dirt bike so you can get the most out of every ride.

Types of Fuel Mods

The Get Power ECU is on sale for 18% off and comes with amazing features that make tuning your bike easier than ever. This power ECU system has pre-programmed maps already installed, the GPA technology is already inside the system and all you need is the optional GPA switch connecting. Capable of uploading different map settings for specific riding conditions and you can see the difference in the maps with the power graphs on their getdata.it page. This is an easy and quick installation that allows you to increase acceleration, throttle control and improve your engine performance with the touch of a button.

The Wiseco fuel management controller is an easy plug and play fuel mod that allows you to easily adjust the air to fuel ratio of your dirt bike with the touch of a few buttons. It is a simple way to adjust your settings and easy to read/understand what is going on. There is no computer or dyno needed to make the adjustments and is a perfect way to make quick adjustments after upgrades like intake, exhaust, cams, and much more. It has three basic zones of operation that set your pilot jet, needle jet, and main jet. The pilot jet adjusts your idle and cruise, the needle jet sets your acceleration, main jet adjusts your wide open throttle or “heavy load” speeds.

The FMF power programmer is another eay to use fuel mod that does require a laptop to make adjustments and will maximize horsepower for fuel injected dirt bikes. This FMF fuel mod comes pre-programmed with ideal settings to get your bike running right as quick as possible and also features a stand along tuning interface to make minor adjustments if those aren’t good enough. You can easily program your motorcycle to run at its peak performance after installing exhausts, cams, and other aftermarket performance parts to your dirt bike.